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Ionic or Coloidal Silver



Ionic or coloidal silver.  Its Fundamental Facts: Ionic or Coloidal silver substances are very small silver particles suspended in liquid. Usually people consider them as nutritional supplements. 


  •  Food and drug Administration do not consider over-the-counter colloidal silver as safe and effective for diseases. 

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  •  In 1999, FDA has taken action against a few companies making drug-like claims about their collodail silver products. 


  •  Serious side effects have been associated with the use of product. By example, it may cause Argyria, a bluish-gray not curable discoloration of the body. 


 Ionic or Coloidal silver definition: 


What are coloidol silver products? 


Let's be clear. At this time, silver has no known biological functions into human organisms. 


During the evolution of medecine and past centuries, silver has been used as a cure drugs. However, modern pharmaceutical techniques have eliminated its use in most cases. 


Only a few prescription drugs containing silver are available today (silver nitrate which can prevent conjunctivitis in newborn babies). 


 Ionic or Coloidal silver consist of very small silver particles suspended in a liquid base.Other substances may be added to the principal ingredient. 


Generally, collaidal silver is administrated by mouth. But other forms are available on the market like product nose spray or types that are injected or topical. 


 Ionic or Coloidal silver benefits and claims: 


Manufacturers marketed its products as nutritional supplements which can boost the immune system, kill bacteria, and eliminate virus and fungi. 


It is also claimed that this product can treat cancer, herpes, syphilis, tuberculous, hiv/aids and some forms of fever. You may even meet people who has taken ionic or coloidal silver for shingles, pneumonia and prostatis. 


As you can see, they are considered as viable alternative to antibiotics and medications against virus (anti-virus). 


But the fundamental question is: Does ionic or coloidal silver as effective as claimed? 


Below is the scientific approach of this problem. You must know: 


  •  Silver hasn't any recognized function in the human body. 


  •  Silver is not an essential mineral like calcium, potassium. 


  •  It has not been proven that someone can be deficient in silver and this deficiency can lead to diseases. 


  •  There is controversy on the fact that product is really effective for numerous diseases. 


  •  Ionic or Coloidal silver can cause side effects like argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, gums, other organs and nails which cannot be treated or reversed. 


Is it worth recommending ionic or coloidal silver? 


That's a great question. Some people do some people do not. When health is the concern, I prefer be aware because it is more difficult when you lose it to regain it after. I personally would not take the risk. 


But, this product has numerous fans all over the world. I don't mean manufacturers or marketers. I mean people who believe that they have a well-being with it. 


My recommendations: 


If you decide to use this product investigate about the method of preparation which has been used. I also recommend these preparations from well-known manufacturers. These are: 


  •  Ionic or Coloidal silver from Puritan Pride (Good manufacturer and low price) 


  •  Trace Minerals Colloidal Silver, 8oz liquid, 30 pm.