Vitamin Supplement

Inositol Hexanicotinate



Inositol is also known as inositol hexanicotinate, inositol hexaniacinate, inositol hexaphosphate ip6, inositol pentakisphosphate, inosotol.  


Inositol has been discovered since a long time but only in 1940 scientist realized that it was an essential nutrient. 


In fact, inositolhexanicotinate is a water B soluble vitamin. 


Sources of Inositol hexaniacinate: 

 inositol hexanicotinate

Leaves and seeds of many plants.Nuts, beans and cereals for inosotol pentakisphosphate. Indications of Inositol hexanicotinate: 


  •  Mental conditions 
  •  Depression 
  •  Neurological disorders associated with diabetes 
  •  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  •  Panic Attacks. 


Inositol hexanicotinate Dosage: 


  •  Inosotol Dosage:100 to 1000 mg a day. 


N.B.Dosage as high as 12-18 gr daily has been used for such conditions as panic disorders. 


  •  Inositol hexanicotinate Most common Dosage: 


  •  Dosage: 250 mg 2 times a day. 


  • Inositol hexanicotinate Dosage forms: Tablets, Capsules and powder. 


Products recommended containing inositol: 


  •  Nature's Way Inositol, 100 capsule, 500 mg 


  •  Inositol 650 mg tablets- 1000 mg powder 


  •  Moderex GABA For people who are experiencing These Symptoms: 
  •  Trouble Relaxing 
  •  Insomnia 
  •  Painful Arthritis Symptoms 
  •  High Blood Pressure 
  •  Anxiety 


  •  XTEND-LIFE Neurological Formula recommended in the treatment of: 
  •  Cognitive Enhancement / Memory 
  •  Depression / Stress / Anxiety 
  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
  • # Migraines / Headaches / Pain 
  •  Dementia / Alzheimer's 
  •  ADHD 


Inositol hexanicotinate benefits: 


  •  Inositol pentakisphosphate found in nuts, beans and cereals has the ability to inhibit an important enzyme (phosphoinositide 3-kinase) involved in tumor growth. By doing this, the inositol pentakisphosphate has shown promise to be use in the future in new cancer treatments. 


  • Inositol hexaphosphate ip6 is used widely in the treatment of mental conditions. 


  •  several studies show its ability in the treatment of depression. 


  •  Inositol is also useful in the treatment of neurological disorders associated with diabetes. 


  •  Inositol hexanicotinatemay also provides support to people with obsessive compulsive disorders and / or panic attacks. 


  •  This supplement has been shown to support circulatory health. 


Inositol hexaphosphate ip6 side effects: 


  •  At supplemental and dietary levels, this supplement is safe. 


Inositol Pregnancy/Breast-feeding precaution: 


To date any adverse effects has been reported related to fetal development during pregnancy or to infants who are breast-fed. 


Health Conditions Related to: 


  •  Mental conditions 
  •  Depression 
  •  Neurological disorders associated with diabetes 
  •  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  •  Panic Attacks. 

Drugs/Herbs Interactions with inositol hexanicotinate: 


  • Antibiotics 
  •  Divalent Cation minerals 


This supplement may alter the effects of these medications and the dose needed for treatment.