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Inositol Hexaniacinate



Review  of Inositol Hexaniacinate.   Many forms of Inositol are available: the most common are: inositol hexaniacinate and inositol hexanicotinate. 


They are not the same product even if they have similar functions. 


Inositol Benefits and History: 


Long time ago the world discovered this nutrient. But the scientific world didn’t know a lot about its function. 


Only in 1940 nutritional science begins to consider it as an essential nutrient with important functions. inositol hexaniacinate image


The classification that has been remained make this substance a water-soluble B vitamins. 


Fortunately, this nutrient can be found in vegetables as well as the human body. Our organism stocks it in liver, kidney, skeletal system and heart muscle. 


You will find this nutrient in the leaves and seeds of many plants like beans, nuts and grains. 


Dosage of Inositol Hexaniacinate: 


  •  Dosage range: 10 to 3000 mg daily. It’s important to remember that dosage greater can cause troubles particularly if they are not necessary. It is recommended to get your physician’s advice if you believe you need high doses and take it under medical supervision. 


  •  Most common dosage: 50 mg daily 


  •  Dosage forms: liquids, tablets, effervescent tablets and liposomal spray. 


Functions of inositol hexaniacinate


Inositol hexaniacinate has the same properties that niacin in the human body. Many people use it to support circulatory health. 


This nutrient lowers elevated Bad Cholesterol (LDL) and at the same time raises the good cholesterol (HDL). As you know, there are other products that lower cholesterol. Generally these products also have multiple side effects. Inositol hexaniacinate doesn’t cause any side effects while lowering cholesterol to a safe level. 


Another important function of this nutrient: it helps with the dangerous complications of diabetes. People with diabetes generally have difficulty to regulate their blood glucose level. But if they take this inositol hexaniacinate with chromium, they will increase their chance to regulate and control their level of blood sugar. 


If you have heard about Raynaud’s disease and intermittent claudication , you know the peripheral vasospasm is the main cause of the symptoms that forces the patient to stop working by causing pain. When people take this nutrient, there is generally an improve of the problem. It reduces the peripheral vasospasm. 


General Precautions: 


If you are under medical prescription or sick, it is important to let your doctor knows about any dietary supplement you plan to take. A few of inositol hexaniacinate may have interactions with the drugs you are taking. 


Inositol Hexaniacinate Side Effects: 


This nutrient is considered safe until now. No side effects have been related with its use. You will be free of the usual skin flush and tingling sensation experimented with niacin. 


Pregnancy/Breast-feeding precaution: 


To date any adverse effects has been reported related to fetal development during pregnancy or to infants who are breast-fed. 


Health Conditions Related: 


Raynaud’s disease Intermittent claudication 


Drugs/Herbs Nutrient depletion: 


  •  Antibiotics: Because our body also produces this supplement, the use of antibiotics may kill the bacteria that produces it in the digestive tract. If this happens, you will need an increase in the supplementation. 


  •  Estrogen-containing medications: they are known to lower niacin in the body. 


  •  Inositol hexaniacinate: same action than Estrogen 


  •  Anticonvulsivants : if you take anticonvulsivants and this nutrient, you are at risk of overdose and toxicity. In fact, the breakdown of the anticonvulsivants like primidone and carbamazepine is inhibited and it will be difficult to put them off your body.