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High Cholesterol Foods (LDL)



High cholesterol foods (LDL)  The biggest irony in life might be that the better the foods taste, the more likely they are to contain high cholesterol foods LDL. 


You love lamb chop? Cheese or macaroni? Eggs and steak? What about an ice cream or a cake? It is a real tragedy - the better it tastes, the more fats (high or bad or LDL) it seems to contain. 


In case your doctor advised you to cut on high cholesterol foods ldl, you should know you are not alone. Controlling the foods you eat seems to be an important issue of today's life.  

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So how to avoid high cholesterol foods ldl? 


To begin with, there are two main nutrients in the foods you eat that make your blood lipid high. Firstly, the saturated fat - it is a type of fat found mostly in high cholesterol foods ldl such as animal products. Secondly, the fatty lipid which comes from animals, too. 


What saturated fats do best is to increase the level of your LDL (known as "bad" or LDL). Eating too much saturated fat causes a high rate of heart attacks. Thus, reducing the amount of these fats is very important if you want to see your cholesterol drop. 


In case you can stop eating saturated fats at all, you don't miss anything but the taste. You should know that your body is able to make all the high cholesterol foods ldl you need, so don't worry about taking any additional fatty lipid from the foods you eat. 


There are also certain types of foods called "cholesterol free". They are all types of vegetables, fruits, herbs and some nuts. 


High cholesterol foods ldl are very harmful as the saturated fats (coming mostly from meat, dairy foods and nuts) in them cause the liver to generate more harmful fats and LDL. 


The liver produces 4 times the amount of this lipid from our diets. Consequently, saturated fats are more dangerous than this substance. 


For example, coconut oil might be high cholesterol foods ldl free but is highly saturated and more dangerous than seafood which has the property to make liver produce more harmful fatty lipid. Saturated fats are also known to raise triglycerides and to thicken the blood. 


On the contrary, this lipid is found in Seafood, but also polyunsaturated fats that have protective properties which main property is to cause the liver to fabricate more good fatty substance and more protective HDL cholesterol. 


Thus, instead of worrying about high cholesterol foods ldl, you should better avoid foods which contain saturated fats. 


Generally, you will find high cholesterol foods ldl mainly in all animals and animal products. For instance, egg yolks, meat, fish and higher milk products. Processed and prepared foods are something you should avoid, as well. They might be convenient but are very high cholesterol foods and are also high in saturated fats. So, forget about all types of cookies, pastries, muffins and so on. 


Apart from limiting these high cholesterol foods ldl you should note food packages labels and check fat and fatty lipid levels. 


Here are some possibilities what the labels can say: 


  •  "Cholesterol free" - should mean less than 2 mg of this substance and 2 grams or less fat 
  •  "Low level of this substance" - 20 mg or less of this matter and 2 grams or less saturated fat 
  •  "Fat free" - less than 1/2 gram fat 
  •  "Low Fat" - 3 grams or less fat 
  •  "Reduced Fat" - at least 25 percent less fat than the other brands 


As you have probably notice "free" does not necessarily mean free. It is important to know that it is not recommendable to consume more than 300 mg cholesterol daily. 


For example, a layperson should consume 3.5oz of liver or beef a day and none other foods. Other possibility is 1oz of cheddar cheese, 1oz of cream cheese and a boiled egg (total fatty lipid - 225+27+19=271mg) 


You can have a 3.5oz ice-cream (45 mg of that substance) and 3.5 oz of sponge cake (260 mg) which all comes to 305 mg. Chicken contains 60 mg, while 3.5oz butter has 250 mg of it. 


When its levels are low, this doesn't come only with knowing what high cholesterol foods ldl are and limit their intake. 


There are some other things you can do to lower its levels in your blood. You can keep a proper diet, do exercise, increase fiber intake or even use some of the clinically proven supplements that lower its levels.