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 Hemrroids are also called piles. They are very common between the population:  What are hemrroids? In fact, every people has hemrroid but not everyone will suffer from this condition. 


They are only cushion or tissues at the end of the digestive system (anus). 


Their fundamental role is to prevent stool in the rectum from passing outside. 


It's only when they become enlarged that the hemrroids disease is installed. hemrroids image


Its Prevalence: 


Even if it is an embarrassing topic of discussion, in the latest fifties and over half of adult will have to deal with this health trouble. 


Causes of hemmeriods: 


The main cause is unknown. But there are several factors that play an important role in its apparition. These factors are: 


  •  Every condition which cause an increase in abdominal pressure.  


  •  Pregnancy  


  •  Straining  


  •  Constipation  


  •  Low fiber diet  


  •  Heavy lifting  


  •  Overweight  


  •  Homosexuality (male)?  


Internal hemrroids signs & symptoms: 


  •  Bleeding  


  •  Bright red blood on toilet tissue or toilet bowl.  


  •  No pain due to lack of pain-sensitivity nerve.  


  •  Sensation of fullness.  


  •  It may be pushed outside by straining which can cause pain & irritation due to prolapsus.  


External hemrroids signs & symptoms: 




  •  Swelling  


  •  Inflammation  


  •  Irritation  


  •  Itching  


  •  Bleeding  


Their diagnosis: 


How do people know they have hemrroid? 


By the signs. The most common sign of internal hemrroids is rectal bleeding. But not EVERY rectal bleeding is hemrroids.There are other conditions like anal cancer which can cause rectal bleeding. See your doctor if you have this sign. 


Other signs: Passing black or maroon stools. Consult your physician which will confirm the disease or not. 


How will the doctor confirm the problem? 


  •  Examination with a rubber-gloved finger.  


  • Examination of the lower portion of your colon and rectum with a sigmoidoscope, anoscope or proctoscope.  


Hemrroids Treatment: 


There are several steps in the treatment of hemrroid disease. 


First step is conservative. You must: 


  •  Have a high fiber diet  


  •  Get ideal weight  


  •  Eat more fruits  


  •  Make exercises  


  •  Avoid straining  


  •  Take natural formulas for these ailments. These are:  


  •  Avatrol Hemrroids Treatment: one of the best formulas on the market to treat them.  


  •  Venapro, a well-balanced supplement formulated to treat them.  


If you are really interested to cure your hemmorhoid fast and rapidly, take one of the two supplements above AT THE SAME TIME with ZENMED™ ZIRO, a hemrroidal cream which contains only herbal extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with strong healing properties. 


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