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Hemroids Symptoms & Signs - What do Hemroids Look Like? 


Signs and symptoms of hemroids, causes and treatments:Hemroids are dilated or enlarged veins in the area of the anal canal:

This is due to the increase of abdominal pressure.

When people are regularly straining to push compacted or dry stools out of the digestive system of the body,the veins in the anal & rectal canal became engorged with fluid(from the third sector) & blood.

This disease is called:Hemroids.symptoms of hemroids image

Causes: So the fundamental cause is an increase in abdominal pressure.What can be responsible of an increase in abdominal pressure?

Straining during bowel movements to push compacted stools out of the digestive system.

Pregnancy.There are many physiological changes in the body of a pregnant woman.Betweem them,an increase in abdominal pressure.This can be easily understood.There is a baby inside the abdomen.So there is more "organs" than normal.While the baby is growing,he becomes bigger and takes more place.There is less espace to other organ.And the pressure is increasing.So simple.

Cirrhosis:When someone suffer from cirrhosis,the tissue of the liver is no longer soft.So they generate resistance to the blood flow which comes from vessels of the leg.There is a redistribution of this blood into venous of the abdomen particularly the rectal and anal veins.

Obesity.The process is similar:increase in the pressure of lower abdominal.

Prolonged periods of sitting or standing.This posture will increase the pressure on rectal & anal veins.


frequent diarrhea.
Signs and symptoms  - What do hemroids look like?:

Signs & symptoms vary with the localisation of the disease (Internal or external). The look is more apparent with external disease.

Internal signs & symptoms of hemroids:

Anal discomfort.
Bright red blood on the toilet tissue .
Pain if internal memroids are eroded,thrombosed or infected.
Obstruction to stool passage.

External signs and symptoms of hemroids:

Often painful.
Visible in the anus.
May be bigger than internal anus disease.
Wha cause bleeding ?

It looks that bleeding is found in internal hemroids as well as external disease.With bowel movements,internal disease may move a little and bleed. Because external disease are constantly aggressed they can bleed after the moment of aggression.


First Prevention:increase your intake of vitamins & supplements,water,fiber & exercise regularly.Take also fruits,vegetables & whole grains.This will result in softer stools and dimunition of straining. We want to recommend supplements which can help relieve symptoms by minimizing irritation of the anal veins.Use them in conjunction with a high-fiber diet and exercise.
What do we recommend?

Avatrol Treatment:a name on the market to treat this digestive disease.

Venapro ,a recommended formula.
For faster and better relief,one of the two supplements above can be use AT THE SAME TIME with ZENMED™ ZIRO,an hemroidal cream which contains only botanical extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with strong healing and anti-inflammatory qualities.


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