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 Hemroid Symptoms & Treatment:   About symptoms of internal hemmrhoids: 


  •  Rectal bleeding without pain. 


  •  With or after defecation. The patient presents blood streaked stools. 


  •  Constipation 


  •  Sensation of fullness or pressure 


  •  Pain following defecation 


About symptoms you can have when it is in the outside regions: hemroid picture


  •  Aching pain 


  •  Pruritus 


  •  Swelling 


  •  Tender, red, soft mass visible at the canal anal 


  •  Other signs of thrombosis 


  •  Tender, bluish, hard mass visible at the anus. 


  •  Other signs of inflammation 


  •  Prolapsus 


  •  Hematochezia 


Classification of Internal Hemroid: 


  •  Grade 1 of internal hemmrhoids: Protusion without prolapsus 


  •  Grade 2: Prolapsus with possibility of spontaneous reduction 


  •  Grade 3: No spontaneous reduction. Manual intervention required. 


  •  Grade 4: its irreductibility. 

Hemroid Treatment 

Treatment of Hemroid 


  •  If you are grade 3 or 4, see a surgeon and require its advice. 


  •  If you are grade 2 or 1, conservative treatment may be applied: sitz bath, steroid creams and supplements to complete the treatment. 


PS. Even for grade 3 & 4, after surgery, it’s better to take these supplements to help preventing recidive. 


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