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Hemorroids Symptoms,Treatments & Hemorroids Remedies



 Hemorroids is a pathology characterized by the inflammation of anal and rectal veins:

Hemorroids Symptoms & Treatments:

How does medical literature classified this disease?

It is classified into internal type and external type.

External type generally occurs outside of the anal canal at its distal end.

Internal types of this anal disease are localized inside the rectum. Hemorroids

It's very important to understand this classification because localisation will play a role in their symptoms.


External symptoms:

Pain which result of constant aggression

Burning sensation




Internal symptoms:

No pain because of the fact that this area has practically no major receptor for pain.

Obstruction of rectum which depends on the size of hemorroids.

Bleeding if they are irritated.

Fulness sensation.

Complications of Internal hemorroids:

Two forms of complications are possible with internal types:strangulated and prolapsed anal disease.
By prolapsus we indicated internal type that are so developped that they appear outside of the anus.Prolapsus type is the complications which comes before strangulated classification.

The term "strangulated" is related to the fact that cushions do not receive vascularisation adequately.This may happen:

when the sphincter of the anal canal goes into spams and traps a prolapsed hemorroids(remember that in this type of complication,the cushions are outside of the rectum).So oxygenation and vascularisation stopped.

Treatments or Natural Remedies:

First step of treatment is the prevention of the diseases or the prevention of recidives.

This step is conservative:eat more fiber to make digestion more easily,drink more fluids(water & juice),make more exercise ,reduce strain,sitz bath,steroid creams and supplements to complete the treatment.

Generally this is sufficient as treatment or people can use natural remedies.

But if you have complication,it's better to see a physician for surgery.But even after surgery,you will need to apply these advices above and take this well-formulated supplement to help preventing recidive.

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