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Hemorroides Symptoms,Causes,Signs,Treatment

  Hemorroides Symptoms,Causes,Treatment:Hemorroides is an ano-rectal disease that occurs when rectal blood vessels are abnormally swollen.

Emeroids and the associated symptoms are a common condition (more than 50% of people in the world suffer from hemorroides disease in their late fifties.Hemoriods can be very uncomfortable,but it is not dangerous.hemorroides image



One of the important problem with hemorroides is the possibility for patient to consider every single symptom in the rectal area hemmrrhoids related.This way,dangerous diseases like rectal cancer,colon cancer may be taken for hemorroides and not treated on time.

Internal and External Hemorroides:


There are two kinds of hemorrhiods, internal and external.


  • Internal hemorroides occur inside the anal canal at the top of the rectum where there is no sensitive nerves.


  • External hemorroides are located at the bottom of the rectum near the anal opening.Pian is its main manifestation.

    Hemorroides symptoms:

Internal hemorroides symptoms:



  • Painless


  • Sensation of fullness


  • Red bright blood with stools


  • Prolapsus when internal hemorroides becomes very large then they may become painful.


External hemorroides symptoms:


  • Painful


  • Pruritus


  • Itching

    Hemorroides Treatment :



  • Sitz baths or other forms of moist heat


  • Stool softeners


  • Bed rest


  • High fiber diet


  • More fruits and vegetables


  • More fluids


  • Special formulas for hemorroides like:



  • Venapro ,a well-balanced formula for hemorroides.

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