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 Hemorroid : this term design abnormally enlarged and/or swollen veins of the rectum:  

Its Treatment & Surgery, Causes, Symptoms Review: 


In fact everyone has its structure. When only it comes dilated, it causes health related troubles. 


Generally in this disease, the anus and structure around it may be complicated by the presence of blood clot within a blood vessel and inflammation. 


Localization of external hemorroid is at the end of the anus and appears outside. 


Internal hemorroid are located at the first part of the rectum (last section of the digestive system) and are not visible. hemorroid pictures


Its symptoms, signs: 


  •  A few patients with that disease have no symptoms of disease. 


  •  Others present pain (main symptom for external hemorroid) bleeding and protrusion. 


  •  I want to warn you about rectal bleeding. Generally people and even physician attribute this sign to this ailment. Do not make this mistake. Only after more serious conditions like anal cancer are excluded, it can be linked to rectal bleedings. 


  •  Bright red blood on the toilet tissue. 


  •  Protusion (external protruded vein) which may reduce manually or regress. 


  •  Ulceration 


  •  Edema 


  •  Strangulation 


  •  Swelling 


  •  Prurit 


  •  Itching (localized or generalized) 


Hemorroid Treatment, Surgery: 


There are 2 steps in its treatment: Conservative treatment and medical treatment including surgery. 


Its conservative treatment: 


  •  Stool softeners 


  •  Fruits and vegetables 


  •  Avoid constipation 


  •  Avoid straining 


  •  Drink a lot of water and juice 


  •  Take regularly high fiber for hemmhroids 


  •  Exercise 


  •  Fitness and weight loss 


  •  Warm sitz baths for hemmhroids 


  •  Anesthetic ointments (help to stop pain. Remember they contain corticoids and avoid abuse of them. You may develop many other health troubles if you abuse of them). 


  •  Well-formulated supplement for hemorroid like: 


  •  Avatrol Hemorroid Treatment: one of the best formulas on the market to treat it. 


  •  Venapro 


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Its Medical treatment: 


  •  Banding with a rubber band 


  •  Cryotherapy 


  •  Sclerotherapy