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Hemorrids Removal - Hemorrids Surgery


What are hemorrids ? What do they look like?  Hemorrids Symptoms,Causes,Cures Remedies:

Anyone has this disease.I do not mean the disease.

Preferably,everybody has this type of tissue (veins) located at the upper and lower rectum .

Its main function is to prevent stools from passing outside. 

It's only when the tissue become swollen and inflamed that people say they have this digestive disease( often known as Piles ).

There are two types :Internal and External:hemorrids image


External types are located near the anus and are covered by very sensitive skin. This explains the main symptom is pain.It bleeds only when it ruptures.

Internal types are located inside beneath the lining.Generally,they are painless but can make protusion during bowel movements.They may cause severe pain only when they are completely prolapsed.

Hemorrids symptoms varies depending on the localisation and classification.

Internal symptoms:


Bright red blood covering the stool


Protrusion during bowel movements

Sensation of fullness

External Symptoms:





The main cause is unknown.But there are several contributing factors.Most of the factors are related to an increase in abdominal pressure.These are:

Aging (more than 50% of people over 50 years old suffer from this anal disease)

Chronic constipation


Straining during bowel movements



Low fiber diet

Food allergy

Alcohol and hot spiced food

Home Cure:

Can be it self-cured at home?

That's a question I usually hear in any conference & forums.

Yes, mild cases can be cured at home.You can relieve the symptoms by :

Using Supplements like


Using at the same time an hemorridal cream like ZENMED™ ZIRO, which contains only herbal extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with strong healing properties.

Increasing the amount of fiber

Eating more fruits, vegetables.

Drink more fluids.

Eliminate straining

A sitz bath with warm water during fifteen minutes for 3-4 times a day.