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Hemoroides Causes,Symptoms,Treatment


 What are hemorrohoids? Hemoroides definition:  They are veins in rectum and around the anus that stretch under abdominal pressure. 

You can compare them to varicose veins in the legs. 

The increased abdominal pressure may result from straining. hemoroides causes pictures

Hemoroides contributing factors are: obesity,aging,pregnancy,constipation, heredity, or diarrhea.

Classification :

Hemoroides can be classified into:Internal and external hem.

Internal hem occur inside the anus.External hem occur under the skin around the anus.


Symptoms : 

Some people will not experience any signs of Hemoroides.There are many symptoms like: 

  • Bright red blood covering the stool 
  • A hard lump around the anus 
  • Painful swelling around the anus 
  • Itching 
  • Abscesses 
  • Irritation 
  • Pruritus 
  • Fissures



What Causes hemorrohoids?

The main cause is an increase in the abdominal pressure.Occasional causes are:obesity,pregnancy,straining,constipation and any other causes of abdominal pressure.

Hemorrohoids are not dangerous and are nore common than you think.They affect both men and women. About half of the population will have hemorrhoids by their fifties.


Can this disease be Prevented or Treated?

The answer is Yes.Conservative treatment and prevention include: 

  • Sitting in a a warm tub 
  • Ice packs (to help reduce swelling) 
  • High fiber diet 
  • More fluids 
  • Exercise 
  • Avoid straining 
  • Avoid overweight 
  • Take the right supplements like:


  • Avatrol  
  • Venapro ,a well-balanced formula. 
  • For faster relief,use ZENMED™ ZIRO ,an hemorrohoidal cream which contains only herbal extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with one of the two supplements above. 

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