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Hemoroid Treatments & Cures - What is Hemoroid?


If you have hemoroid disease, don't be afraid because it can be treated and don't be shy because you are not alone:


In fact,most adults all over the world particularly in USA wil develop this anal disease in their fifties.

At the time I am writing this,over twenty five million of Americans are affected.

Everyone can develop it and this doesn't depend on sex,races,ages.


What are hemoroid diseases?

It is a benign disease and generally do not cause death. It is not cancer and can't turn into cancer.

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It is simply varicose veins located in the rectum (lower part of the digestive system).When the disease is located at the upper part of the rectum,it is called internal hemoroid.When it is located at the lower part of the rectum (around the outside of the anal canal),it is called external hemoroid. 

This dictinction is very important since external type has many pain receptor and is painful and internal type has a lack of nerve fiber and is painless.


Internal symptoms:

Not every patient has symptoms.

Bright red blood on the stool and toilet tissue(internal)


Sensation of fullness(Internal )



External Symptoms:









Low fiber diet

Any conditions with an increase in abdominal pressure

Treatment :

High fiber diet

fruits and vegetables


Get fit or back to normal weight

Avoid constipation

Avoid straining

Drink sufficient water

drink more juice

Take the right supplements like:

Avatrol Treatment:one of the best formula on the market to treat hemoroid.

Venapro ,a well-balanced formula .
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