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Hemmorrhoids Cures & Treatments


 Hemmorrhoids are veins in the rectum which prevent stools from passing outsite at any time:

Hemmorrhoids definition: 

They are normal structures. 

But sometimes they become enlarged abnormally and multiple symptoms become to appear like irritation,swelling, burning, itching,painful, and bleeding. 


The fundamental cause is an increase in abdominal pressure causing blood to stretch and bulge the walls of the rectal veins.Below is a list of the origin of this abdominal pressure:hemmorrhoids cure pictures

  • Sitting too long 
  • Straining with bowel movements (from constipation or hard stools) 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Constipation 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Severe coughing 
  • Heavy Lifting 
  • Overweight 
  • Obesity


Hemmorrhoids are classified into 2 types:Internal & external types . 

  • Internal types are silent.You have no pain,no itching,maybe only a sensation of fulness or blood in the stools.Attention:Bleeding in the stool do not mean you suffer from this disease.That's may be a dangerous disease like colorectal cancer. 
  • External hemmorrhoids are very noisy:pain, burning,itching and get the most attention.

  • Avoid causes listed above(obesity,straining,constipation,diarrhea ...) 

Hemmorrhoids Treatment :



  • Find the factors and avoid it.What is your activity which can explain your disease. 
  • Treat the anal diseases themselves. 
  • Take away the symptoms (burning, pain, itching) with: 
  • Sitz baths with hot water during 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times/day . 
  • Use surface-acting creams and suppositories.Do not use corticosteroids too long!


  • Use a well formulated supplements like:


  • Avatrol Treatment:one of the best formula on the market to treat this anal and rectal pathology . 
  • Venapro ,a well-balanced formula for hemmorrhoids.

A good advice:Use ZENMED™ ZIRO at the same time as the supplements above.It contains only botanical extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with strong healing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

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