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Hemmoroid Symptoms Treatments - Internal Hemmoroid Bleeding


The term design enlarged or dilated veins in the area of the anus:What is a hemmoroid?Sometimes this rectal and anal pathology is also called piles.Hemmoroid can be classified as internal or external depending upon the area affected and the exact location.

It is further classified as either non-prolapsing or prolapsing.

Both types of this disease are very common and associated with pregnancy,straining at stool,cirrhosis. 

Generally internal Hemmoroid is not associated with pain.When it enlarges,the most common complaint is vague feeling of anal discomfort or bright red blood on the toilet tissue .

Pain is the manifestation of an internal types which is thrombosed, infected, or eroded. hemmoroid info image

Classification and types:

This classification is based on the type of severity:

First degree :it enlarge only & do not prolapse.

Second-degree:with defecation,the disease bleeds and prolapse but return spontaneously.

Third-degree:the pathology prolapse with each bowel movement and sometimes with exertion related to work or simply when standing.Manual manipulation is required to replace the cushion.

Fourth-degree :Prolapsus with profuse bleeding and great pain.
N.B.With Fourth-degree ,when prolapse is not treated,the tissue stays stretched and the cushions will usually becomes chronic.

Relief & Treatment:

Conventional Hemmoroid relief:

Generally the treatment is conservative.Permanently prolapsed type of this anal and rectal disease are treated surgically.

Low & milder degrees of prolapsus are treated by banding or injection of with a drug recommended by the physician.

If external Hemmoroid is acutely thrombosed,it will be treated by incision, extraction of the clot, and compression of the incised area following clot removal.

Treatment & relief with Nutritional Supplements & Herbs:

Recent studies demonstrsted the fact that this health trouble respond well with herbal and supplement therapy.In fact,people who take the right supplement and dietary fiber in the form of psyllium seed powder have seen a decrease in both the pain and bleeding associated with it.For getting good results and improving your symptoms,I recommend:

Venapro a very good formula (recommended).

Avatrol relief:a very well-balanced formula for Hemmoroid treatment.
I also suggest you to use ZENMED™ ZIRO which contains only botanical extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with strong healing and anti-inflammatory qualities with ONE of the two supplements above for a better result.


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