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Hemmorhoids Causes Symptoms - Hemmorhoids Treatments


 Hemmorhoids are an distension of the veins of the anal canal:

Symptoms ,Home Remedy & Treatment Review:

The disease do not represent a trouble that can't generally affect the vital pronostic of the patient.


So the disease is not a real danger except when people present the complication referred as bleeding hemmorhoids.

Everyone has these hemorroidal veins in the anal territory.These veins became enlarged with pressure and other factors.hemmorhoids pictures


Excessive pressure on the veins in the rectal anal





Generally they are classified into internal types and external types. 

Internal hemmorhoids develop at the top of the anal canal near the rectum.

External types develop at the lower of the anal canal near the anus.

It is important to relate that internal disease can be classified into 4 degrees of severity:

First:they are invisible.

Second:They make protusion during a bowel movement but returns immediately into the anal canal

Third:They protube from the anus but needs that you push it with your finger into the anal canal.

Fourth: They made protusion and cannot be reintegrated into the anal canal.


Symptoms :

External symptoms of hemmorhoids:





Internal symptoms:



Painless except in case of protusion

Fulness sensation

Treatment of hemmorhoids:

Except for complicated cases like prolapsed or strangulated types,generally treatment is conservative and include:

More fiber at eating

More fluid all day long

More exercise

Avoid straining

Avoid constipation

Use well-formulated supplements

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In case of complication,I urge you to see your physician.After medical or surgical treatment,do not forget to apply these principles above and take this well-formulated supplement to help preventing recidive.

If you want to review these herbal supplements,see the hemorrhoid treatment page here.