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 Hemmorhoid are tissues around the anus which contain blood vessels and blood:  

Its classification & symptoms: 


Everyone has hemmorhoidal tissues which seal the anus preventing the stool passing through it when you have a bowel movement. 


It's only when its tissue become enlarged and / or slip out the anus that this disease really starts. This will help us understand the classification of this disease. 


Its classification: 


There are 2 types of it: hemmorhoid image


  •  Internal hemmorhoid localized at the upper part of the anal canal. 


  •  External hemmorrhoid localized at the part of the anal canal. 


Its symptoms: 


Internal hemmorhoid signs & symptoms: 


  •  Not painful 


  •  Bleeding (blood bright red) 


  •  Protusion out of the anus. 


External hemmorrhoid signs & symptoms: 


  •  Pain 


  •  Swelling 


Possible complications with this disease: 


  •  Blood transfusion in rare cases 


Hemmorhoid treatment: <Hemmorrhoid%20treatment:> 


  •  Eat a healthy diet. Take fiber. Small changes can make enormous differences. 


  •  Take an adequate amount of water. This will help the stool to be soft, easy to pass through the anal canal. 


  •  Steroid Creams (low concentration) will help to eliminate pain TEMPORARILY but do not treat the cause. Avoid long term steroid use. 


  •  Adequate formulas. There are formulas specially designed to help relieve it. We recommend the best we have found. These are: 


  •  Avatrol <> Hemmoroids Treatment: one of the best formulas on the market to treat hemmoroids. 


  •  Venapro <>, a well-balanced formula for hemmoroids. 


If you are really interested to cure your disease fast and rapidly, take one of the two supplements above AT THE SAME TIME with ZENMED™ ZIRO , a hemmorhoidal cream which contains only herbal extracts (No Corticosteroid!) with strong healing properties. 


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Its medical & surgical treatment: 


Generally the conservative treatment above works. If for any reason they are not cured, another approach (medical or surgical) will help the patient: 


  •  Rubber band ligation. Around them a small rubber band is placed to cut off the blood supply. The hemmorhoidal tissue dies after 5 to 7 days. 


  •  If this doesn't work, a surgical approach will be necessary.