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 Haemorrhoids are simply areas in the anal canal containing multiple blood vessels, which prevent stools to pass through the anus at any time:  


Haemorrhoid treatment, signs, Causes: 


So haemorrhoids are normal tissues in the body. 


The problem begins when hemmerroids become dilated and cause some health troubles. 


About half of the world's population will suffer from haemorhoids by the age of 50.Haemorrhoids are also common in pregnant women. 


Haemorrhoids classification: haemorrhoids image


Haemorrhoids can be classified as internal haemorrhoids and external haemorrhoid. 


Internal hemmerroids are located inside the anus; external haemorrhoids can be seen and felt on the outside of the anus.  


There are four degree of internal haemorrhoids.These are: 


  •  First degree: haemorrhoids cannot be seen or felt from outside the anus. 


  •  Second degree : haemorhoids are larger and my prolapse only when you go to the toilet, but return afterwards. 


  •  Third degree: haemorhoids are larger, may prolapse when you go to the toilet, can't return by themselves.they have to be pushed back with a finger. 


  •  Fourth degree:haemorrhoids are permanently in prolapsus and you can't push them back inside. 


Haemorrhoids symptoms: 


Common symptoms include: 


  •  Red blood on toilet paper, coating the stool or in the toilet. 


  •  Itchiness 


  •  Pain 


  •  Sensation of fullness 


Haemorrhoids complications: 


Common complications include: 


  •  Strangulation 


  •  Thrombosis 


  •  Gangrene (tissue death) 


  •  Infection 


Look for medical assistance if you notice these signs. 


Haemorrhoid treatment, causes: 


Why people have haemorrhoids is not clear. But there are some occasional causes: 


  •  Excess pressure in the lower rectum and anus. 


  •  Straining 


  •  Constipation 


  •  Chronic diarrhea 


  •  Pregnancy 


Haemorrhoid treatment & relief: 


  •  Regular warm baths to relieve irritation. 


  •  Corticosteroids creams may relieve symptoms such as discomfort and itchiness. Do not use them for a long time and they are not recommended for children. Use them for up to 7 days because in long term use they can damage your health. 


  •  avoid constipation 


  • Avoid straining 


  •  Take a high fiber diet 


  • Make exercise 


  •  avoid obesity 


  •  Drink plenty of juice,fluids, water 


  •  Take formulas for haemorrhoids. Like: 


  •  Avatrol Haemorrhoid Treatment: one of the best formula on the market to relieve haemorrhoid treatment. 


  •  Venapro, a well-balanced formula for haemorhoids. 


Generally haemorhoids clear up, if you apply these advices.For the few cases which resist to the treatment, seek medical advice