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New research newly issued within the Intern al Medicine Archives proves at least a species of gensing can be of remedial value. As said by a study led at the University of Toronto, absorbing American ginseng ahead of a meal sounds to generate "important reductions" within blood glucose in individuals both with and devoid of diabetes.  


 American Gensing seeds is also called Panax Quinquefollius. 


With the other form of this product, gensing extract coming from the USA has become very popular as a natural preventative and restorative remedy for diseases for instance diabetes and others. 

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People living in use have used this seed as a tonic to help restore the health of the weak and wound. 


People who use Panax gensing Quinquifolius consider it as a root which has the ability to boost non-specific resistance of the body. 


It also has the unique ability to switch from sedating to stimulating effects based on the body's need. 


There are several types of this product. The most common of it are American gensing tea or root (Panax Quinquifolius) and Asian gensing root (Panax ginseng extract or root) 


  •  American gensing Dosage: 200 mg 2 times a day. 


  •  Benefits of this product: Ginsenosides are the main active chemical components found in Panax Quinquifolius root. But these components are slightly different from those found in Asian ginseng. 


Comparison between American and Chinese ginseng 


They also have different properties. By example, Panax Quinquifolius has the ability to improve learning capacity and stamina as it can lower blood pressure and act as a sedative. 


However, Asian gensing may raise blood pressure while functioning while functioning as a stimulant. 


Because of its calming properties, American gensing root in the form of organic gensing tea or other forms may be more suitable for people who suffer from insomia, who are coffee drinkers or overweight. Research has shown that this type of product has the ability to play an important role in the treatment of specific conditions below: 


Increased sexual desire in men. Improvement of vaginal lubrication in menopausal women. Enhanced Immunity. Slowing of the aging process fighting against breast cancer. Regulation of blood sugar level in diabetic patients. 


  •  Its Toxicity: A. ginseng is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines. 


  •  Its Side effects and allergic reactions: Some women may present menopausal bleeding and breast tenderness. Other people may present allergy reactions. 


  •  Medication and herb interactions: 


This supplement may alter the effect of these medications: 

  •  Cholinesterase Inhibitors 
  •  MAO Inhibitors 
  •  Antiplatelet Medications 
  •  Anticoagulant Medications 
  •  Hypoglycemic medications. 


  •  Health related conditions to this product: 


1) Pregnancy: medical literature has reported any trouble related to fetal development during pregnancy or infant who are breast-fed. Therefore inform your physician about any supplements you are taking while pregnant or breast-feeding. 


2) Any adverse effects have been noted. However, do not use this supplement in children under 10 years unless recommended by a physician.