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Foods that lower cholestrol



Is it real foods that lower cholestrol can?  The answer to this question is yes!There are foods that lower cholestrol that have the ability LDL Cholesterol and raise HDL cholestorel. 


By example,it's clearly established that vegetarians are healthier than the rest of the world.It's certainly because of what they eat, I mean plenty of fruits, vegetables,beans and nuts,grains and cereals. 


There are supplements that can foods that lower cholestrol but you must also take care of your diets.Two studies at Havard University published in October 2000 show that a higher intake of plant foods produced a brutal drop in the risk of Cardiac Heart Disease. 


What foods that lower cholestrol can? foods that lower cholestrol


That's the main question: what foods to eat? 


Below is a list of foods that lower cholestrol that have the ability : 


  •  Broccoli:leafy greens and broccoli protect against strokes. 


  •  Bananas 


  •  Blueberries 


  • Tomatoes:Antioxidant lycopene lower LDL cholestrol(Bad) and inhibits its production by the liver. 


  •  Grape juice:helps arteries to dilate ,increasing blood flow and prevents oxidation of LDL in the blood. 


  •  Red wine with its polyphenols protect endothelium of the arteries.If you do not want to take red wine,take four tablets of grape seed extract which provide the equivalent four-ounce glass of red wine. 


  •  Oats and Barley that play a critical role in foods that lower cholestrol.This property is related to the Beta Glucan it contains. 


  •  Soy protein:People who get an average of 47 gm of soy protein per day will lower their total cholestrol of about 9% and LDL cholestrol of about 13%.Cholestrol lowering ability of soy protein was approved by FDA on October 26, 1999.Click here to learn more


  •  Salmon,mackerel,bluefish,sardines and other kind of fish will reduce the risk of CHD by 27%.They also improve ability of arteries to dilate.