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 Food Pyramid



Food pyramid diagram.  I won’t be surprised if you do not know what the Food Pyramid is. 


In a few words, it is a full list of all types of substantial foods that the human body needs. 


In fact, the food pyramid diagram can help you find out what your daily eating regime must include. 


Pay attention that the food pyramid diagram is not a set menu telling you exactly what you have to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

 food pyramid image

It is just a list that offers basic information or instruction about nourishing foods, a guide which you can use to plan your meals so that you will consume only healthy food. 



If you have decided to create your own healthy dieting regime, the guide can give you some useful suggestions. To be more specific, this was what the food pyramid diagram used to do before. The old pyramid used to give advices that concern only the dieting scheme. 


However, since 2005 we are able to enjoy a more correct and up-to-date food. The old two-dimensional has changed forever. Now, the new three-dimensional food guide can be beneficial for you. This food pyramid diagram emphasizes not only on the proper diet but also on the importance of a regular exercising program. 


Actually, the old guide was only able to give you some basic information about the proper dieting but it didn’t give any detailed information. If you have looked at the old food pyramid diagram, I guess that you have only seen horizontal lines. The lines at the bottom pointed out the food that we eat the most. 


On the other hand, the lines at the top pointed out the food that we should eat as often as prefer. Actually, this is the food guide that we all know about. Probably, you have seen it when you were at school and you remember your teachers telling you how important it was. 


However, the pyramid guide has changed a lot. Now it is completely different than the old one. Not only that it has become three dimensional but it has no horizontal lines. On the contrary, the new food pyramid diagram has lines starting from the top and going to the bottom. 


Pay attention that the sections of the new product are not bigger or smaller than the sections of the old one. The new food pyramid diagram defines more accurately what foods you should eat. As well, it helps you realize that even in the recommended food groups there are some foods that you have to consume in limited amounts. 


The new product is much more simple and easy to understand because it is color coded. For example, grains are represented by orange stripes, vegetables are represented by green, milk and dairy products are represented by blue and so on and so forth. You only need to take a quick look at the new food pyramid diagram to distinguish between the different food groups. 


The new product is much better than the old one for sure. It helps you to determine what quantities of food you should take with its six colored stripes. As well, you may think it is funny but it has a figure of a healthy person running up a staircase!