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Food Guide Pyramid



Diagram of the food guide pyramid  There is a thing called "Food Guide Pyramid. You could have heard about the diagram of the food guide pyramid from a TV show or have read an article in the newspaper, or maybe you have come across it in class. 


It is something we hear more and more about in our daily life and looks like its popularity will continue to grow. 


But let me give you some more information about the food guide pyramid. 

 food guide pyramid image

Since that moment, it was clear that people couldn’t live without food. 


Then there is a person (maybe Walter Willett) who came and suggested there are foods that are more important than others and that our daily diet should consist certain amounts of certain types of food. 



And even those categories of foods are to be arranged in sections (vegetarian, vegan, kids…), where some of the foods are supposed to be taken in smaller quantities. 


That genius person that came up with the ideas mentioned above have probably used a matrix or a table to calculate the approximate suitable daily diet for people to follow. What really happened is the genius created the Food Guide Pyramid in benefit of all the doctors that, nowadays, keep it in high honor. 


Since you already have an idea of what the Food Guide Pyramid is, next thing to learn is how it actually works and what exactly its benefits are. 


It was five years ago, when the Food Guide Pyramid was systematized, in a way that the foods that were thought to be more important and consumed the most were placed in the bottom and the foods that shouldn't be eaten the least, on the top of the Food Pyramid Guide. 


Later, however, this food pyramid was changed considerably. It was in 2005 that the new Food Pyramid Diagram took the shape and meaning it has today. Even though the basis was the same, it is now more clear and understandable with all the added components what is exactly its benefit for your health. 


The importance of physical exercises adding to the proper food consumption, haven't been neglected too, in the new look of the Food Guide Diagram. It was illustrating a man climbing the stairs of the pyramid up. 


Another interesting fact about the new pyramid is that the sections are not shown as the usual horizontal lines we are so used to see, but radiating down from the very top of the pyramid. 


This style of illustrating the Food Guide Pyramid wasn't just a strange suggestion but holding the important meaning that even though some foods are better than others are, some of them should be consumed in reasonable quantities. 


The sections of the new Food Pyramid Guide are also clearly distinguished from one another in the best possible way, each one taking a certain color. 


The six colors include Orange, which goes for Grains, Green, that clearly stands for Vegetables, Red for Fruits, Yellow, marking the Fats, Blue for the Dairy and, at last, Purple for all Meat, Beans and Fish foods. 


It doesn't take a lot to take a look on that Food Guide Pyramid. So, don't hesitate to try its effect because it has proved to be beneficial to many.