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What is ezema?  


The term ezema may be applied to a great number of itchy, red skin conditions. 


This can affected people of any age. It may look like ascaly rash or weepy, dry, oozing blisters. 


What is for sure is that eczima is related to the epithelial tissue. 


When you talk about it, you are talking about a form of "dermatitis". The suffix "tis" is generally used for inflammation. So this means inflamed skin. ezema image


This disease may be chronic or acute. When chronic, it causes red, dry patches of skin. The localization may be on the neck, face, scalp and the arms. Other localization may be elbows, wrists, hands, and knees. 


When acute, the skin becomes itchy, oozing, and inflamed. You can use the term dermatitis as well as ezema for the same skin troubles. 


Its Classification: 


It may be classified into two main categories: 


  •  Contact dermatitis. 
  •  Atopic eczema. 


Its Causes: 


  •  Contact ezema is caused essentially by irritating substances which comes in direct contact with the skin. These substances that can cause this disease are: a chemical, cosmetics, wool, lanolin, rubber shoes, nickel, poison ivy. 


  •  Atopic ezema is generally caused by ingested or inhaled allergens, such as foods, dust, pollen or animal dander. 


Its Signs and symptoms: 


The symptoms vary with the its type. These are: 


  •  Itchy and inflamed skin 
  •  Redness, swelling skin 
  •  Weeping, Scaling, Crusting 
  •  Blisters, Leg rash, 
  •  Lichenification (leathery skin) 
  •  Papules 
  •  Ichthyosis 
  •  Urticaria 


Ezema treatments: 


When you treat it, you must have three main goals: 

  •  Reducing inflammation 
  •  Relieving the itching skin 
  • Moisturizing the dry skin patches. 


What is generally prescribed for eczima? 


  •  Corticosteroid creams 
  •  Antihistamines 
  •  Macrolide lactones 
  •  Topical antibiotics 


I want to warn you about the use of cortisone cream. In the long time, they can cause important health troubles. 


I recommend using natural products with ingredients that have ability to treat it. They are: 


  •  DermCare System 


  •  Dermatin 


These natural products will help you fight and relieve its signs and symptoms.