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  What can you tell about ezcema cases?A few examples: # A child with poison ivy 


# A nurse who develops scaly skin from frequent washing with potent antibacterial soaps... 


Every one of these people are affected ezcema. 


The appearance of the disease varies from cases to cases. In fact, the term ezcema encompasses variety number of itchy, red skin conditions. 


It really does not have one single appearance. It may look like a scaly rash or oozing blisters. ezcema image


Another characteristic of this disease: it is not age related. Anyone at any age can get it. 


Its classification: 


It is classified by medical literature into two main categories. This classification is related to the cause of the disease: 


# Contact ezcema or contact dermatitis which occurs when an irritating substance comes in direct contact with a certain part of the skin. 


What can cause the irritation? 

Generally these irritant are: chemical substances, wool, cosmetics, nickel, lanolin, poison ivy or rubber shoes. 


# The second type of this disease is: Atopic ezcema. It is caused by allergens such as pollen, foods, animal, dust. 


It has been proven that the second type is a hereditary disease and can be diagnosed in early childhood. The parents had allergies to this allergen and the children develop alergy to the same alergen. 


One of the most common of this type is food allergies .Generally children with severe ezcema tend to produce antibodies against certain foods. 


Ezcema statisyics: 


# In USA only, there are over 30 million consultations for this disease annually. 

# In USA, Approximately 10 million of ambulatory care visits were for skin rash 


Its Signs and symptoms: 


# Generally people with this disease presents patches of dry, red, flaky skin that is extremely itchy. 


# The affected areas may appear inflamed, moist and oozing. 


Treatment of ezcema - home remedies for ezcema: 


Conventional ezcema therapy: 


When treating it, you are pursuing three main objectives: 

# Eliminate the inflammation process 

# Relieving the itching skin 

# Moisturizing and hydrating the dry skin patches. 


If you have already consulted a physician for that disease, you probably have been prescribed one or all the following medications: 


# Antihistamines 

# Corticosteroid creams 

# Topical antibiotics 


The problem is with corticosteroid creams. Avoid using them because of redoubtable side effects. 


If you want to use a cream for it troubles, use DermCare System .It's safe, effective and you will get results rapidly. 


But if you prefer to use supplements, let me recommend to you a formula specially designed for this disease. It contains all ingredients, herbs, nutraceuticals that have the ability to relieve its states. Below is a list of ingredients in Dermatin


# Selenium 

# Omega 3 

# Artichoke 

# Grape Seed Ext. 

# Magnesium Stearate 

# Milk Thistle 

# Olive Leaf Ext. 

# Rice Powder 

# Gamma Linolenic Acid 

# BioCell Collagen 

# Hylaronic Acid 

# Chondrotin Sulfate 

# Gelatin 


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