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Estrothin is a fat burner build especially for menopausal and perimenopausal women to lose weight.  It is guaranteed that EstroThin can boost energy, increase stamina, improve mood swing and helps overcome physical and emotional hormonal changes. 


But there are still doubts about Estrothin. 


It is mainly advertised by radio advertisements. 



It will be much easier for the customers if the product was sold differently like buying it from #1-800 number or "As Seen On TV" ad, but the idea here is to make manufacturer isolate oneself from the customers and thus to be easier to avoid accountability. estrothin image


There are some products that the US Federal Trade Commission removed for making false and empty assertions. Such products were Cortislim, Fiberthin and Propolene. All of them were sold by "As Seen on TV" informericals, radio ads, and the Internet. 


What happened is that the feedback that has been received proved that there was no money back guarantees policy. They also do not provide existing customer service and also what they do is to add you to a monthly billing cycle without your consent. 


What happens is that if you are purchasing any product sold in this way you cannot be sure about the quality of the product. 


There are some problems in the Estrothin formula. Like the other products that are sold in this manner its quality cannot be validated through peer-reviewing, double-blind studies or in short there are many claims about Estrothin but no proof. There is no significance that Estrothin is a liquid extract and no pills. 


There are many adaptogens in Estrothin including ginseng that useful antioxidants that can reduce stress, improve concentration, boost immune function and others. The retailers state that these adaptogens reduce the stress hormone cortisol and facilitate weight loss. But actually there is no evidence to prove that. 


Estrothin contains Garcinia Cambogia or the other name of which is hydroxycitric acid. This ingredient reduces the conversion of excess calories to body fat and suppresses appetite by synthesizing glycogen. 


There are many studies issued by the American Medical Association. In one of them it is said that garcinia has no effect on weight loss. 


Some ingredients are able to reduce the side effects of the menopause. Such are black cohosh, chasteberry and wild yam. 


This product like many others cannot be defined as far as effectiveness is concerned because there is no information about how much of each ingredient is included. So, if you would like to experiment with alternative treatments for menopause, then you should buy any of the above listed ingredients separately. 


Green tea is the only worthy ingredient for weight loss. You can buy green tea from your local retailer and enjoy the beverage that can give you better results even from Estrothin.