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English Ivy



English Ivy plant.  English Ivy plant or Hedera Helix is much known nowadays. 

It grows in the United States as well as across Europe and into northern and central Asia. 


English Ivy plant or Hedera Helix is generally used in gardens around the world. 


But as a medicinal agent, English Ivy or Hedera Helix leaf has traditionally been used in the relief of respiratory inflammation, as a treatment for intestinal parasites, and as an agent to reduce fever and induce sweating. 

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An extract of the active components of English ivy plant from the leaf of the plant has been taken to make supplements. 


  •  English Ivy plant or Hedera Helix Dosage Info: 


Dosage Range


  •  Tablets: 2 x 25mg, 3-4 times daily as needed. 
  •  Syrup: Adults – 2 to 3 teaspoonfuls 2-3 times a day as needed. 
  •  Tea: One cup using 0.3 to 0.8 gm of herb, taken 3 times per day. 


Most Common Dosage: 

  •  Tablets: 2 x 25mg, 3 times a day as needed. 
  •  Syrup: Adults – 2 teaspoonfuls 3 times a day as needed. 
  • Tea: One cup using 0.3 gm of herb, taken 3 times per day. Benefits & Functions: 


  •  Falcarinol, one of ivy's key components, helps to fight bacteria and ease pain. 


  •  Falcarinol also has a sedative effect. 


  •  This supplement is effective in fighting the bacterial invaders that can cause yeast infections in women. 


  •  Other research suggests that it is effective in the fight against other parasites and fungal infections. 


  •  Extract of this supplement may help suppress the abnormal cell growth that can lead to skin cancer. 


  •  It may also help support liver health. 


  •  Because falcarinol may help the body rid itself of excess mucous in the respiratory system, english ivy plant may be used in the management of upper respiratory problems including those caused by chronic bronchitis. 


  •  One study on children suffering from recurrent respiratory disease, for instance, suggests that English ivy plant extract may ease coughing and expectoration while improving overall lung function. Side Effects: 


  •  An allergic reaction is possible when this dietary supplement is placed on the skin. If a skin rash or irritation develops, stop the use of this dietary supplement and call your doctor or seek medical attention if you have fast or irregular breathing, skin rash, hives or itching. 


  •  Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding: 


Any adverse effects with the use of this stress supplement has been noted related to fetal development during pregnancy or to infants who are breast-fed. 


Health Conditions Related: 


  •  Chronic Cough.