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People who suffer from endometrosis have the tissue that lines the uterus (called endometrial) outside of the uterus and is attaches on other organs.  


Endometrosis causes: 


The exact cause of endometrosis is unknown but the medical literature relates that endometrosis cases occur almost exclusively in menstruating women. 

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Endometrosis is rarely found in women after menopause or before puberty. It seems that endometrial tissue moves to and attaches itself in the abdomen and other areas of the body. 


What happen then? During menstrual cycle, there is bleeding and inflammation in the areas around the endometrial implants. These cycles of inflammation and bleeding cause scar and fiber-like tissue to form in the abdomen. 


Other consequences: 


  •  Abdominal organs may be attached to each other causing endometriomas (blood filled cysts often called "chocolate cysts" because of their dark brown color). 


  •  Women with this ailment are often infertile. 


Endometrosis signs and symptoms 

 endometrosis and pain: 


  •  Women with being affected may have no symptoms 


  •  The most common symptoms: pelvic pain during or before the menstrual period, or sometimes at ovulation time (in the middle of the month). 


Localization of the pain: rectal area, lower back or down the legs. 


  •  Abnormal menstruation. 


  •  Heavy or abnormal menstrual flow. 


  •  Painful menstrual cramps. 


  • Painful intercourse 


  •  Infertility 


  •  Painful bowel movements, diarrhea, constipation if intestines are involved. 


  •  Rectal bleeding 


  •  Blood in the urine, painful urination during menstrual periods if the bladder or urinary tract is involved. 


  • Cough, blood in sputum during menstrual periods, if the lungs are involved. 


 Endometrosis treatment: 


Conventional endometrosis treatment varies with the severity of the disease. There are different steps in the treatment. 


  •  Monitoring for mild form of the endometrosis that does not cause infertility or pain 


  •  For other forms: hormone therapy, surgery, or removal of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries. 


But you must notice that it's a very good practice to use special nutritional formulas as a support to your conventional treatment or as a treatment. 


Nutritional supplement formulated to help you with that problem must contain these following herbs: 


  •  Chasteberry: has been used for a long time in women's health for many female complaints, such as PMS, amenorrhea, menopausal symptoms, and endometriosis. 


  •  Evening Primrose: has antiinflammatory properties. 


  •  Red Clover: is a phytoestrogens helping to relieve menopause symptoms. 


  • Olive Leaf: has oleuropein, an important anti microbial agent which is helpful in fighting Candida, a bacteria linked to female health problems 


  •  Cat's Claw: decreases inflammation and edema (swelling). 


After researching the nutritional market, looking for a formula that contains all of these ingredients above, is very well balanced and much more, we found: 


  •  Fallodox: that will be helpful to boost fertility, limit zinc deficiency, increase estrogen activities and limit infections. 


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