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Dysmetabolic Syndrome x



What is dysmetabolic syndrome X also called metabolic syndrome X?Before giving an answer,it is important to know the normal value of molecules which are concerned in dysmetabolic syndrome X:  


  • HDL Cholesterol: Normal Value: 35 - 135 mg/dL Optimal Value: >85 mg/dL 


  •  LDL Cholesterol: Normal Value: 62 - 130 mg/dL Optimal Value: 81 mg/dL 


  •  Triglycerides:Normal Value:0 - 200 mg/dL Optimal Value: 100 mg/dL 


  •  Triglyceride/HDL Ratio:Normal Value:Less than 2. 


Dysmetabolic syndrome X or metabolic syndrome X is a term used to describe a group of health troubles that have a common cause:insulin resistance.Insulin is the hormone that enter sugar into the cells to be utilized or stored as fats.Insulin lowers blood glucose. dysmetabolic syndrome x image


When the human body becomes less sensitive to its own insulin,it tries to compensate by secreting more and more insulin.The pancreas beta cells work hard to produce more insulin in order to control the blood sugar. And this elevated insulin leads to many major health problems that constitute the dysmetabolic syndrome X or metabolic syndrome X.They are: 


  •  Arterial Hypertension 


  •  Elevated triglycerides 


  •  Elevated LDL cholesterol 


  •  Significant weight gain(Central obesity) 


  •  lowered LDL cholesterol 


  •  increased tendency to form blood clots which can cause heart attacks and strokes. 


  •  Lowered ability of the kidney to removed salt from the body leading to heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure. 


After ten to twenty years of struggle with the dysmetabolic syndrome X or metabolic syndrome X, the beta cells of the pancreas simply can no longer produce such high levels of insulin to compensate insulin resistance. 


Blood sugar begins to raise seriously.Strokes, heart attack, eyes, nerves or kidneys damage will end the evolution of this disease. 


How to detect dysmetabolic syndrome X? 

The answer to this question is simple and crucial.It's not necessary to request your blood insulin levels.Test your blood and get your lipid profile which includes your levels of: 

  •  Total cholesterol 



  •  LDL cholesterol (Known as bad cholesterol) 


  •  Triglycerides. 


Divide the triglycerides level by HDL cholesterol level.The ratio indicates that you are at risk or not developing dysmetabolic syndrome X or metabolic syndrome Exit must be less than 2.If the ratio is greater than 2,check your blood pressure and your waistline. 


 Be aware.You are probably developing early sign of insulin resistance and dysmetabolic syndrome X.See you physician and discuss with him about an effective lifestyle change.A healthier lifestyle(exercise,diet...) will definitely prevent accelerated damage to the arteries and avoid diabetes .This is really Preventive Medicine.