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Dietrine Weight Loss Patch



Have you ever tried Dietrine weight loss Patch ?  Does it work? The maker of this patch claims; " Dietrine weight loss Patch Formula works by both increasing your metabolism and decreasing your appetite. When you eat less you are reducing your calorie intake and in turn forcing the body to melt-off the stored fat to furnish the daily calories needed. In other words: Less food means less calories and less calories means less body weight. It is that simple!" 


Is it really simple? 


Let's analyzing the ingredients in this formula: dietrine patch image


  •  Fucus Vesiculosus: also called bladder wrack. It's a good source of iodine and has been used to enhance weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. 


  •  Garcinia: modulates blood fat levels and increase energy and metabolism. People who take it in addition to niacin-bound chromium and a reduced-fat diet lost three times more weight than those on a diet alone. 


Garcinia has also an appetite-suppressant effect by stimulating the production of glycogen in the liver and small intestine. By doing this, it fools the brain which believes the stomach is full and satisfied. 


Can Dietrine Weight loss Patch really deliver the ingredients? 


The process uses is transdermal delivery that means ingredients are absorbed through the skin. Pharmaceutical companies uses this method to bypass the digestive system. dietrine weight loss patch happens that sometimes the enzyme in the stomach and the liver break down the products used. 


By using the transdermal delivery system through skin, it's sure that your body will get what the product delivers. 


Other info about Dietrine Weight loss Patch: 


  •  There is no serious side effects associated with the use of this patch at this time. It is a natural herbal patch . 


Do I recommend the use of dietrine weight loss patch ? 


The ingredients in the formula like garcinia and focus vesiculosis are proven to help lose weight. But I have three concerns: 


  •  First: I don't see double-blind and placebo controlled studies. 


  •  I don't know how much of each ingredient does this patch deliver. Even if a molecule is effective, but different doses lead to different results 


  •  Because Garcinia and Fucus vesiculosis can pass easily the liver filter and be absorbed by the body, I prefer use the oral formula, Dietrine Carb Blocker or Dietrine weight loss. 


Anyway, if you have used the Dietrine weight loss patch please let us know.