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Diebetes Low Blood Sugar Disease



More than 13 millions American have diebetes.  The fundamental sign of sicks disease is an elevated sugar level in the blood and the urine. 


Diebetes is divided into: 


  •  Juvenile ailment or type 1 which affects children and is caused by a lack of insulin. 


  •  Adult ailment or type 2 

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  •  Secondary sickness like gestational illness, insipid sickness... 


What cause diebetes? 


This chronic disease is caused by: 


  •  A failure of the pancreas to generate enough insulin. 


  •  When enough insulin has been produced,there is a lack of sensitivity for the cells to recognize insulin.So the body will continue to produce more and more insulin which will lead to the failure of the pancreas. 


Diebetes symptoms: 


  •  Polyphagia: frequent meals as an answer to extreme hunger. 


  •  Polydipsia: frequent drinks as an answer to excessive thirst. 


  •  Polyuria: frequent unusual urination 


  •  Repetiting blurry vision 


  •  Weight loss 


  •  Dry skin 


  •  Susceptibility to infections and fatigue 


Ailment complications: 


  • Kidney diseases 


  •  Diebetic coma 


  •  Heart diseases 


  •  Neuropathy diebetic:a degenerative complication of diabetes diseases. 


  •  Stroke 


  •  Severe circulatory problems. 


Diebetes Treatment : 


There are important steps in the treatment of sickness.A life style change which include exercises and low carb diet for ailment are necessary.These are: 


  •  Exercises 


  •  Stay trim. Avoid obesity which is a major risk factor for ailment. 


  •  Have diebetes diet which includes: 


  •  High fiber diet: helps lower insulin needs. Eat more legumes, fruits, whole grain and vegetables. 


  • Low carb diet for ailment: people who eat more carb will request more insulin for their pancreas and use up their life's supply of beta cells rapidly than others. 


  •  Low fat diet 


  •  Monosaturated fats: these fats found in olive, canola and avogados help regulate blood sugar. 


  •  Ailment formulas  that contain chromium, magnesium, vitamin E (tocopherol),fenugreek,garlic,turmeric,cinnamon. 


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