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Dexatrim is probably one of the most well-known and old fat burners.  However, its ingredients have changed a lot as time goes by. 


However, something called phenylpropanolamine was forming the Dexatrim formula at first. 


For people who do not know what phenylpropanolamine or PPA is, I’ll say that this is an over-the-counter drug that used to be very popular in the past. 


People usually used this drug to treat excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in the lungs. dexatrim image



Although ephedrine was quire more popular ingredient, phenylpropanolamine could also be found in most fat burning products and other products that help people lose weight. Anyway, according to a Yale University report phenylpropanolamine is a dangerous ingredient. 


The report says that phenylpropanolamine may trigger hemorrhagic stroke in women. Phenylpropanolamine became a prohibited ingredient and Dexatrim became an ephedrine-based product. However, FDA banned ephedra in 2003, as well. Although makers dropped PPA from most of their products, the FDA is still advising people to avoid products containing PPA. 


All Dexatrim products, which are available on the market today, are all ephedra free. Here we should mention these products: 


  •  Results 
  •  Results Ephedrine Free 
  •  Natural No Caffeine 
  •  Natural Ephedrine Free 
  •  Natural Green Tea. 


In fact, all the listed products are quite similar. Despite their names that sound complicated, all these products have a similar formula. The differences come from some additive ingredients that each product contains. These additive ingredients are different for the different formulas that you choose. 


I will name some of the common ingredients, which almost all variations of Dexatrim share – mainly calcium and blood glucose regulators like vanadyl, fenugreek and chromium plus kola nut,guarana, green tea, added caffeine, and synephrine (bitter orange). However, scientists are not sure yet whether bitter orange really has fat burning abilities. 


Unfortunately, the Dexatrim information, which makers offer, gives just a list of the ingredients. This means that we are not quite sure how much of each ingredient is in the compilation. We only know for sure that these "ephedrine free" products contain too much caffeine. 


I will give you an example with the Natural Green Tea product . This product contains ginseng,chromium and of course, green tea. As green tea is one of the natural products that have proven to have fat burning abilities, we cannot doubt the effectiveness of this fat burner. 


The other ingredient, chromium, regulates the insulin function. Asian ginseng is also a part of the Dexatrim formula in all its variations. It is a helpful ingredient because of its abilities to reduce stress and to treat mild depression. Ginseng can even help you to lose weight. However, the small amount contained in Dexatrim cannot. 


In order to get maximum results and to avoid dangers for your health, consult with your doctor before taking such pills. 


All these "ephedrine free" have proven to be effective. Although they are probably high in caffeine, they can help you to lose weight quickly. 


However, I do not claim that Dexatrim is a miracle product but it contains useful ingredients such as green tea, and blood sugar moderators and it can aid with people who have already started keeping a exercise program and a diet otherwise Dexatrim. Anyway, no supplements can guarantee 100% success