Vitamin Supplement

Dexatrim Max



It has been introduced by this claim on the maker’s website: "The POWER to Lose Weight Introducing a breakthrough in the fight to lose weight - Losing weight is difficult enough without being tired and stressed. 


You try to eat right and exercise, but find yourself hungry, craving certain foods, tired and eating to relieve stress". 


Claimed Properties of this formula: 


  •  It contains a complete daily dose of ginseng and B vitamins which help fight cravings and hunger 

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  •  It also has EGCG and the Vitabolic Energy Boost which delivers tremendous energy 


  •  With its powerful metabolism boosting ingredients and anti-oxidants, this supplement also helps eliminate stress-induced eating and weight gain. 


But the remain question is: 


Does Dexatrim Max™ work? 

To have a right answer, let’s analyzing the ingredients in Dexatrim Max: 


  •  Thiamin 15 mg : converts blood sugar to energy for cells, supports nerve tissues and nerve function, improves healthy muscle function, is involved in the conversion of fatty acids and amino acids into hormones, proteins and enzymes. 


This B vitamin supports health in people with Alzheimer's disease and other neurological conditions including sensory neuropathy Dexatrim Max, sciatica and Bell's palsy, as well as insomnia. To have a full review of Thiamine, click here. 


  •  Riboflavin 17 mg: is an important antioxidant which protects eyes and prevents cataracts... It helps in the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids while playing a key role in energy production for the body. A full review of Riboflavin is available here. 


  •  Niacin 200 mg: or Vitamin B3. Review it here 


  •  Vitamin B6 10 mg: Review available here. 


  •  Vitamin B12 60 mcg: Review available 


  •  Antithetic Acid 25 mg 


  •  Chromium 200 mcg: Latest studies suggest that chromium supplementation may help decrease body fat while increasing lean body mass with product Dexatrim Max. A full review is available here. 


  •  Green Tea Leaf Extract (90 mg epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) plus 50 mg caffeine : a very powerful antioxidant. When combined with caffeine, green tea has the ability to help lose weight by enhancing the body's thermogenic activity and increasing the rate at which the body breaks down fat. A full review of green tea is available here. 


  •  Asian Ginseng (root) Standardized Extract 250 mg: It has the ability to help regulate blood sugar improve stamina and learning capacity. It may also be recommended for individuals who are overweight. 


Our recommendation of Dexatrim Max: 


Dexatrim Max contains only one ingredient that has proven weight loss properties: green tea combined with caffeine. The other ingredients are met in any multivitamin on the market. 


We believe Dexatrim Max is more an energy booster that a weight loss supplements. There are no proven published studies to confirm the weight loss abilities claimed. 


Anyway if you tried Dexatrim Max, just let us know about your results.