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  Daibetes Supplements Info:  Research shows that antioxidant supplement for diabetes should be added to traditional treatments of daibetes diseases. Why? 


Because diabetes is a chronic degenerative disease. It causes significant increase levels of oxidative stress. 


This oxidative stress was more significant in patients with complications such as retinopathy(eye damage which can lead to blindness) or cardiovascular disease. 

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Adding daibetes supplements( Supplement for Diabetes) will help to improve insulin sensitivity.What are the specific diabetes supplements do we recommend ? 


Remember that the biggest problem with diabetes is the fluctuation of the blood sugar level. A morning, it’s normal and in the afternoon it's up. 


After doing intensive research, I found this daibetes supplements that contain all necessary nutrients to help you take control of your blood sugar. Insulate will begin to fulfill your body with important elements like: 


  •  Chromium (as Chromium Aspartate) 120 mcg 
  •  Evening Primrose Oil Powder 300 mg 
  •  Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg 
  •  Proprietary Blend 191 mg which contains Bitter Melon ( Momordica charantia ), Fenugreek ( Trigonella foenum-graecum ), Garcinia ( Garcinia cambogia ), Gymnema (Standardized to contain 25% Gymnemic Acid) ( Gymnema sylvestre ), Vanadium (as Vanadium Amino Acid Chelate) . 


By doing this, Insulate will: 


  •  Stimulate Your Body's Natural Insulin 
  •  Reduce Blood Glucose Levels 
  •  Reduce Nerve Damage 
  •  Improve Blood Lipid Levels 
  •  Reduce Burning and Numbness 
  •  Inhibit Glucose Absorption 
  •  Reduce Cholesterol Levels 
  •  Reduce Cravings for Sweets 


Click here to visit this supplement's website. What vitamins and minerals to find in a recommended daibetes supplements (supplement for diabetes)? 


  •  Vitamin E:is known to be one of the most powerful antioxidant.It certainly improves antioxidant defenses that help to prevent many chronic degenerative diseases but also seems to help the human organism in the problem of insulin resistance. 


Latest research show that the development of adult daibetes can be predict for individuals with a low levels of vitamin E: they have five more risk of developing diabetes than those with a normal amount of vitamin E. 


Never take more than 800 IU.These high amounts seem to interfere with medication and increase the risk of stroke. 


  •  Chromium: The importance of this nutrient in the metabolism of glucose and the action of insulin is clearly established. 


Over the past thirty years, several studies have shown that it helps improve lipid levels and blood glucose.This mineral can greatly improves insulin sensitivity. 


The problem is that more than 80 percent of the world population present chromium deficiency. Dosage recommended is 50-200 mcg no more than 400 mcg.Extremely high amounts may cause chromosome and kidney damage. 


  •  Vanadium: significantly increases insulin sensitivity.A daibetes needs 50-500 mcg of vanadium in daily supplementation. 


  •  Magnesium: is very important for all type of daibetes.Its deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of retinopathy in diabetic people. 


100-500 mg of magnesium is necessary in supplementation each day.