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Many people are looking for to know if cortidrene works. You probably are one of them.  


If this is the case, you are at the right place. 


Let's review this weight loss pill: cortidene. 


Let's begin by relating my fundamental problem with this formula. 


The manufacturer of cortidrine markets it like relacore. 


They are claming that stress if the leading cause of weight gain. This means if you eliminate stress, you are losing weight whatever the amount of calories you absorb each day, whatever level of sedentary your life has! cortidrene image


It's simply impossible! The real reason you gain weight is because you take more calories than you lose. Period! It’s the one reason. If you can lose more calories than you take, you will lose weight and maybe we will see you in the next catalog. 


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Get back to cortidrene. 


The real danger of telling this to people is to let them know that their weight gain is not their fault and losing weight is easy. 


No you won't lose weight overnight. It takes time to gain weight. You only don't remember because the process was so easy. It will take time to lose weight. But you will be conscious of the process because it's not easy. 


Another problem with cortidrene: you can't know how much of each ingredient it contains. On the bottle you will see only a proprietary blend of 570 mg. How much green tea? How much Phosphatidyleserine? Yes, the ingredients amounts in cortidrene are not disclosed. No one knows. 


This doesn't mean cortidrene has no value. It may have a little or some. In fact it contains some good ingredients. Let’s review the ingredients in cortidrene: 


  •  Green Tea: support cardiovascular health, reduce cholesterol levels, help people to lower their risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases 


  •  Phosphatidyleserine: Positive effect on Stress hormones 


  •  Magnolia: appetite suppressant. 


  •  Chromium: controls blood sugar levels 


  •  Beta-Sitosterol: used in the prevention and treatment of elevated cholesterol levels by reducing cholesterol absorption in the gut. Does not affect HDL. Decreases LDL by 11-15%. 


  •  Vitamin C: One of the most important benefits of vitamin C is its ability to prevent heart attack by protecting native LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage. 


Our recommendation: 


We really can't endorse Cortidrene as a weight loss supplement. We don't believe in the fact that relieving stress will result in losing weight. We don't believe that stress is the main cause of gaining weight. And we don't know how much ingredients the formula has. 


But there is a supplement that worth recommending. It’s a formula that has proven results. 


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