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Cortaslim is one of the most marketed weight loss product in its field. Many people have already probably used cortaslim. 


Let me give you this advice: You will get results ONLY if stress is the cause of your weight gain. 


If this is the case, you may want to give Cortaslim a try. 


If your weight gain is not stress related, it’s better to use Lipitrex. 


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Have you already tried this product? Is Cortaslim another scam and fraud in the weight loss and fitness market? Or is this product the solution? 


To have an answer to this question, we will analyze the ingredients in this formula. But before, let me tell you my first impression about how this product is marketed. 


Marketers are saying that Cortaslim works by negating the effects of the hormone cortisol which results in controlling weight gain and accelerating fat burning. 


The manufacturers believe that the main weight gain's cause is the level of stress into the body. If you can control or lower your stress level, you will experience weight loss. 


Is this right? 


Let's examine now the ingredients in Cortaslim: 


  •  Magnolia Bark: has the ability to lower your stress levels. It doesn’t have sedative effects at low doses. 


  •  Beta-Sitoserol: help preventing and treat elevated cholesterol levels. Does not affect HDL. Decreases LDL by 11-15%. 


  •  Green Tea leaf: support cardiovascular health, reduce cholesterol levels, help people to lower their risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. 


  •  Panax Ginseng: is involved in complex hormonal interactions that regulate the body's response to stress. It may improve mental and social health. 


  •  Chromium - 50mcg: controls blood sugar levels, lower total cholesterol, decrease body fat while increasing lean body mass. 


  •  Calcium - 150mg: regulates the regulation of various enzymes that control muscle contraction, fat digestion and metabolism. 


  •  Vitamin C - 100mg: prevents heart attack by protecting native LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage. 


  •  L-Theanine: an amino acid found in green tea. It helps to feel relax and can lower blood pressure levels. 


  •  Banaba Leaf: reduces blood glucose levels. Helps regulates blood sugar levels and maybe helpful in losing weight. In Conclusion: 


What should I say about Cortaslim? What is my personal recommendation? 


This formula may have some merit considering the ingredients it contains. Green tea, beta-sitosterol and panax ginseng are really powerful herbs in term of health in general and particularly weight loss. 


But we can rely on "maybe" when considering health. It’s important to be sure. I prefer recommend Lipitrex because this product has proven results! 


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