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Colostrum Immune System Formula



The word Colostrum designs the fluid that is produced in the breast during the final weeks of pregnancy.Bovine collostrum type is the form that is commercially available for human consumption.

In this page we will discuss about the benefits of colostrum and side effects.

Let's say it right away:the benefit of this fluid exceed its side effects.

Human can use colostrum immune system formula only because it's substances' function are similar or identical to those found in the colostrum of humans.colostrum image

Collostrum is reported to contain many important constituents such as proteins,enzymes and antibodies.It also contains elevated concentrations growth-promoting peptides such as epidermal growth factor (EGF),insulin,cortisol and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), which play a major role in the developpement of newborn. 

Let me also tell you that there are many different colostum preparations available today.But they are very different in term of quality and effectiveness.

The time of collection and the care and feeding of the cows from which the product is collected explain this.

Colostum is easily absorbed in the intestines. No food sources available. Supplements consumed by humans are derived from bovine and sheep .


Colostrums Dosage Range Varies according to the type of product and dosage form being used.

Most Common Dosage Varies according to the type of product and dosage form being used.

Dosage Forms Tablets, capsules, powder, liquids, bars and lozenges.

Benefits :

In Alzheimers patients,a specific constituent of sheep colostrum demonstrated the ability to improve cognitive.

Bovine products enhance or strengthen the immune system with their antibodies that have proven to be effective against a wide range of bacterial diseases.

They also contain specific substances which have the ability to fight against virus.

Colostrums is effective against many types of diarrhea including those by Hiv patients.

As you probably know,one of the major side effects of NSAIDs is intestinal injury .When this substance is used,this side effect decrease.

What do we recommend?

Colostrum Prime Life, 120 caps: W   

Collostrum warning,side effects and dangers :

This dietary supplement is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines.

Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding :

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding an infant,don't take collostrum without consulting your physician. It's a very recommended measure.