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Colloidial Silver



Colloidial silver side effects.  Colloidial silver, Gold and other minerals: Info & Uses: 


History of Colloidial silver side effects: 


This product has been used in ancient times prior to the introduction of antibiotics. This substance is known as a bactericide. 


For example, storing food from silver vessels will prevent bacteria from colonizing and growing. 


If it has been proven that collodal silver is a germ fighter in vitro (outside living organisms) we can't conclude without proof that results are similar in vivo (into human organism). 


 Claims this Colloidial silver side effects: colloidial silver image


In fact, people who market collodal silver claim that this substance is highly germicidal, yet harmless and nontoxic to humans. They even claim that product can take the place of conventional antibiotics and drugs. 


In fact, this product has the ability to treat cancer, kill all viruses, bacteria, fungus,staphylococcus,streptococcus and other aggressive pathogenic organisms. 


How do colloidial silver side effects work? 


Fans of product say that it disables a specific enzyme which plays an important role in the metabolism of bacteria, viruses and fungi. By doing this, product blocks the oxygen-metabolism enzyme and the bacteria will die by asphyxia. 


What has been proven or not about colloidial silver side effects? 


  • medical sciences do not know the function of silver at this time. 


  •  unlike calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, silver is not an essential mineral. 


  •  Deficiency in silver has never been noticed. 


  •  Effectiveness of product has not been proven. 


  •  Colloidial silver Side effects like argyria, a discoloration of the skin, gums, other organs and nails which cannot be treated or reversed is possible with the use of colloidial silver. 


  •  In 1999, Food and Drug Administration took action against making drug-like claims about their its products. 


Our recommendation about collodal silver: 


We do not take product and will probably will never take it. Too risky.And there is other natural products which can boost immune system and do what it is supposed to do. 


But if you decide to use this product, be aware of the method of preparation which has been used. Take it from well-known manufacturers. These are: 


  •  Colloidial silver side effects from Puritan Pride (Good manufacturer and low price) 


  •  Trace Minerals Colloidal Silver, 8oz liquid, 30 pm.