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Collodial Silver



Collodial silver side effects.  Are collodial silver side effects & other collodial minerals super antibiotics? 


Collodial silver is certainly one of the most controversy products in the nutritional world 


It is a colloid of silver particles in water. 


Fans of collodial silver side effects claim that this product is a powerful antibiotic against infections. 


They generally say that It can fight bacteria, viruses and fungi making it a very good nutritional supplement. collodial silver image


But is this real? It’s clear that collodial silver side effects can fight many bacteria, virus and fungi in vitro (in laboratory out of living organism) but this action has never been proven in vivo. Results scientists get in vitro can't be automatically applied in vivo. 


In fact, silver has never been an important mineral like potassium, calcium and its deficiency has never been established. 


Many people claim that silver deficiency can cause health troubles but this has never been proven. 


Its side effects Claimed Benefits: 


Many people using it claims that it helped them solve many health problems. 


By example, it  has boosted the immune system, treated periodontal disease ,kill a lot of microorganisms and fight colds and other virus. 


But I want to warn you that using this product over a long period of time can cause developping argyria, a permanent discoloration of the skin. 


That's probably the main reason which explains the FDA recommendation about collodial minerals. In 1999, FDA required to stop promoting collodial minerals silver by claiming health benefits with no proof. 


Our recommendation: 


Personally, we have never use collodial mineral silver. Health is too important to take a risk to lose it. And believe me; it's hard to live with a gray color. We do not want to take the risk. 


If you decide to use collodial silver side effects, it's better to use the best preparation on the market. Be aware of the method of preparation which has been used. I also recommend these preparations from well-known manufacturers. These are: 


  •  Collodial silver side effects from Puritan Pride (Good manufacturer and low price) 


  •  Trace Minerals Colloidal Silver, 8oz liquid, 30 pp