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What is colestral?   Why are people so afraid about colestral?  The fundamental reason behind this fear is the fact that high colestral level is a major contributing factor to arterio-sclerosis. 


There are good cholersterol (HDL=high density lipoproteins) and bad cholestol (LDL= low density lipoproteins). 


Risk factors for high colestral: 


  •  Diet is a very important risk factor. 


  •  Stress 


  •  Personality type 


  •  Tobacco 


  •  Alcohol. 


Know your cholersterol numbers: colestral image


LDL numbers: 


  •  Less than 100 mg/dL—Good 
  •  100 to 129 mg/dL—Start watching 
  •  130 to 159 mg/dL—At risk 
  •  160 to 189 mg/dL—High 
  •  190 mg/dL and above—Very High 


Total fatty lipid numbers


  •  Good — Less than 180-200 mg/dL 
  •  Borderline with risk — 200–239 mg/dL 
  •  Bad & at risk — 240 mg/dL and over 


How do your numbers affect your heart health? 


Arteriosclerosis is caused by the deposit of blood colestral into the arteries. As the results, blood vessels lose their elasticity and there is a narrowing of their lumen.  


However, the formation of plaque is influenced by the type of lipoproteins that transport it in the blood. The low-density lipoproteins (LDL) are clearly atherogenic, but the high-density lipoproteins appear to prevent accumulation of this substance in the tissues. 


What to do if you noticed you are at risk? 


  •  See a physician 


  •  Exercises 


  •  Low fatty lipid diet 


  •  Discuss with your physician about the drugs to take. Generally, your doctor may want to prescribe statins drugs. But be aware of their side effects. Ask him if you can take natural remedies for your problem. I know people many that have good results with the formulas below: 


  •  Cholest-Natural, a proven, effective, and very recommended formula. If you try it, you will have results.