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Medical facts on cholosterol:   Cholosterol is a substance that plays an important role in the human body. 


Choleterol may be bad (LDL) or good (HDL). 


This substance is the precursor of multiple hormones like sex hormones. It also helps in the digestion of lipid. 


The bile acid which plays a role in the digestion of fats is derived from cholosterol. 


Those are a few of the key roles of cholosterol and this explains why the body manufactures it. 


In fact, the liver is the plant where this substance is synthesized. About 80 to 85% of it in the human body comes from the liver. cholosterol image


Only a small percentage about 15 to 20% comes from foods. 


You will understand why lowering it can't be achieved ONLY by controlling your foods. 


What are the right numbers for this matter? 


It's important to have fatty lipid test regularly if you are over 40 for men and over 45 for women. There are healthy ranges and risk ranges. 


If you are in the healthy ranges, you have less risk than others to have heart troubles particularly coronary heart disease. 


If you are in the risk ranges, you are at risk. This means the probability to have a heart attack has increased. You must act rapidly to get back to safe numbers. Below are the ranges: 


  •  Normal cholosterol total: you must have less than 200 mg/dl 
  •  Normal LDL choleserol: you must have less than 130 mg/dl 
  •  Normal HDL choleterol :> about 40 mg/dl for men and 45 mg/dl for women. 


  • Other values: 


  •  Borderline cholosterol total: between 200 to 239 mg/dl 
  •  Borderline LDL: between 130 to 139 mg/dl 



What are the risk factors linked to its elevated rate? 


Many factors act to increase your risks to have cholosterol health problems particularly coronary arterial disease and other blood vessels diseases. These factors are: 


  •  Tobacco: if you are a smoker, you have 300% more risks to die from a heart disease than normal population. 


  •  Alcohol: it’s well-known that a small amount of alcohol occasionally will dilate blood vessels and be beneficial for your heart. But if you abuse of alcohol, you have a major contributing factor in heart disease. 


  •  Diets: 15 to 20 % of this substance in your body comes from your diet. Be aware of what you eat. 


  •  Stress: this explains why executives are afraid of these troubles. 


  •  Personality (also linked to stress): if you have a sense of time, urgency and striving for achievement. Do you feel yourself being under pressure? 


How to treat your cholosterol problem? 


That's a fundamental question. There are multiple steps in the treatment of your lipid problem: 


  •  Lifestyle changes 


  •  Make exercises 


  •  Try to have your optimal weight. 



  •  Take drugs like statins which have a lot of side effects. Or 


  •  Take natural supplements to lower cholosterol which will help you control your fatty lipid without the side effects of statins drugs. These are: 


  •  Cholest-Natural, a proven effective formula. I recommend you to try it.