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 Where does cholestorel come from?  Many people think that cholesterrol comes from their diet.  They focus to check what they are eating to lower their chollesterol. 


They are not totally right. Why? Because chollesterol is secreted by the liver for the needs of the human body. In fact 80 to 85% of cholestorel comes from the liver. The rest comes from the diet. 


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Countdown for cholestorel: 


To know this substance numbers in your organism system, you must make a test. Numbers varies with each people but there are ranges for healthy people and ranges for sick people. These ranges are: 


  •  Normal chollestorel total: less than 200 mg/dl 
  •  Normal LDL chollesterrol: less than 130 mg/dl 
  • Normal HDL cholesterrol :> 40 mg/dl for men and 45 mg/dl for women. 


Other values: 


  •  Borderline cholestorrol total: 200 to 239 mg/dl 
  •  Borderline LDL: 130 to 139 mg/dl 


  •  High risk cholestorel total :> 230 mg/dl 
  •  High risk LDL cholestorel :> 139 mg/dl 


This lipid risk factor: 


There are many factors that increase risks to have this substance problems and coronary heart diseases. These are: 


  •  Diets: 15 to 20 % of this substance in your body comes from your diet. Take a look at what you eat. 


  •  Tobacco: death rate from heart disease is 300% higher in smokers than in non-smokers all over the world. 


  •  Alcohol: a small amount of alcohol occasional may actually be beneficial for heart health. But abuse of alcohol is a major contributing factor in heart disease. 


  •  Stress: this explains why executives are afraid of these troubles. 


  •  Personality: depending of your sense of time, urgency and striving for achievement. Do you feel yourself being under pressure? 


Treatment of cholestorel troubles: 


Fortunately, it’s possible to lower your fatty molecule by using natural formulas and avoid side effects linked to usual drugs like statins. If you are interested to take control of this factor for coronary heart disease, check these formulas below: 


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  •  Retorol, a well-balanced formula.