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Where cholesterole comes from?   Why diets alone generally may not be able to lower cholesterole levels? 


That's a fundamental point vast majority ignores. 


I remember the day I met a new friend who had difficulty to understand why he can't lower its levels despite of strict restricted diets. 


If you are like my friend, let me tell you that mysteriously, the liver has something to do with your cholesterole problem. This substance is a must have for our body. 


And the liver determines the amount of its molecules your body needs. It’s only when this function is broken than you have more cholesterole than you need. The disease has just started. 


How the human body does create it? cholesterole image


This is not clear at this time. All we know is that liver produces 80 to 85% of it in our body. 


Why the body does secrete it? What are the key functions of this substance? 


Every single cell of your body has this substance. In fact, this substance is the structural component of cell membranes. 


It is used by the body to make sex hormones like androgens and estrogens and the adrenal corticoids (including cortisol, corticosterone, aldosterone). 


It plays an important role in the digestive system. Everyone knows that bile acids help in the digestion of fats. It is the precursor of bile acids. 


Those are good functions linked to this substance. But you must also know that it has been implicated as a major factor in the development of many cardiovascular diseases. Why? 


When LDL is high, this involves a process of fatty deposit into large and medium-sized arteries. Plaques are formed leading to a lot of elasticity and a narrowing of vessels. 


If the process continues, vital organs like heart and brain will be deprived of their blood supply. The result is a heart attack a stroke. 


How to lower your cholesterole trouble? 


If you are really interested to solve your cholesterole problem, you must: 


  •  Make exercises 
  •  Get your ideal weight 
  •  Eat more healthy 
  •  Take statins drugs prescribed by your physician. Be aware of the side effects linked to these drugs. 
  •  Or replace statins drugs by natural formulas to lower cholesterole such as: 


  •  Cholest-Natural, a proven, effective, and very recommended formula which helps people get results. 


  • ,Retorol a well-balanced formula.