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The great cholesterol con, medications and cholesterol medications  Don’t be misled, that's not just one more unmemorable health book which can't live up to its original hype. In its place, The Great Cholesterol Con represents a riveting demolition labor destroying every last probable protection of the cholesterol hypothesis of heart ailment! 


There are many cholesterol medications available on the market today but their side affects can be dangerous to your health. The worst case is that they can cause death. Of course, this in nothing new as we all know that any prescription drug is a poison. 

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However, I suppose most of you are not aware of the fact that over 2 million people are seriously injured and 106, 000 die every year because of medications drugs. 


Dr. Lucian Leape who is a well-known health policy analyst at the Harvard School of Public Health claimed adverse drug events to be a disease of medical progress. In this case, if your child dies from a prescription, which is the correct prescription, they have had an "adverse drug event". 


Of course, here comes the question of legal actions. The expenses were over 2 billion in medications in 1992. And cholesterol medications may be such instances. In 1998 the number reached 2.8 billion. Can you imagine the number in 2005? It is estimated 4 billion. 


Every year there are more than 100, 000 people dying from the correct use of prescription medicines. And all it is done against it is to increase the number of drugs available. Isn't that ridiculous! It is just like if someone was drowning in a pool, you add water to the pool trying to save them. 


Cholesterol medications are the same as any other drug. However, they have side effects which might cause muscle weakening and destruction or liver disease. 


In case you are sick of those cholesterol medications you've been taking and you no longer want to experience their side effects, then why not consider trying some alternatives. Even if your doctor doesn't know, alternatives do exist. 


If you are still eager to get great and further information on cholesterol medications then you should know that they are based on two main approaches. 


First, cholesterol drugs such as Welchol and Questran are a type of pills which are claimed to block the cholesterol's absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. 


They absorb this fatty lipid into the intestinal tract through the bile and carry it until it gets out of the human body. That's how the enterohepatic circulation is cleaned from cholesterol and it cannot get into the bloodstream. 


The second approach is based on cholesterol medications drugs such as Lescol, Pravachol, Zocor and Lipitor. Their main property is to block this fatty lipid synthesis in the liver and reduce the total body pool of fatty lipid. 


By taking any cholesterol medications based on the first or the second approached you can reduce the fatty lipid level and the risk of cardiovascular disease. 


However, you should expect some side effects such as drug-induced hepatitis, which often results in myalgia and myosits. 


Apart from that, when taking cholesterol medicines you should regularly monitor your liver enzymes and see your doctor on a regular basis to check for damage to the liver. Of course, these visitations will cost you money, so be prepared that your pocket will create a hole. 


For all the reasons mentioned above the FDA asks to prescribe cholesterol medications only in cases when fatty lipid levels are extremely high and there is a great risk of developing or already have coronary heart disease. 


For all the other cases, the risk of taking cholesterol medications is not worth it. When having high cholesterol levels you should better think about alternatives to cholesterol medicines which don't have side effects but are quite effective and would lower this lipid in a short period of time