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Cholesteral Lowering Foods 


Can we find cholesteral lowering foods? If you have asked yourself this question, you are not alone. There are many people forget ignore cholesteral lowering foods, but believe that only drugs can help their trouble. 


In fact, when lowering this lipid in your organism, drugs like statins have also multiple side effects. If you want to learn more, visit this page. 


Are there cholesteral lowering foods


Yes definitely! Foods not only can lower this matter, they can also protect you against Coronary Heart Disease and other diseases related. Thus you should actually seek cholesteral lowering foods. cholesteral lowering foods


There are LDL cholesteral lowering foods and at the same time, they raise your HDL. 


A good example: have you heard about vegetarians. Yes. They are healthier than other people. They are protected against numerous diseases, particularly heart related diseases. Do you know why? 


Because they eat every single day a lot of cholseteral lowering foods like vegetables and fruits, beans and nuts, grains and cereals. 


You probably know there are natural alternatives to statin drugs. These formulas can help you lower your excess fatty lipid trouble. But it's important to keep a focus eye on your diets. 


A study published at Stanford University found that a low fat diet with vegetables and grains may lower total fatty lipid levels by 17 mg while LDL drop by 13 mg in four weeks. 


Type of cholesteral lowering foods


That's the main question: what foods to eat? 


The fatty lipid list is below: 


  • Broccoli and leafy greens help to protect against strokes.  


  • . Bananas  


  •  Blueberries  


  •  Antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes has the ability to lower high LDL (Bad) and inhibits its production by the liver.  


  • Grape juice: its main function is to dilate arteries, increase blood flow and prevent oxidation of LDL in the blood.  


  • Polyphenols you get from red wine will protect endothelium of the arteries. You can substitute red wine with four tablets of grape seed extract which provide the equivalent four-ounce glass of red wine.  


  •  Oats and Barley which contains beta glucan. It can reduce high lipid in your body.  


  • Soy protein: If you eat an average of 47 gm of soy protein per day you will lower your total level by 9% and your LDL by 13%. Fatty lipid lowering function of soy protein was approved by FDA on October 26, 1999.Click here to learn more 


  •  Mackerel, salmon, bluefish, sardines and many other kind of fish will reduce your risk of CHD by 27%.They also improve ability of arteries to dilate.