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Chlosterol Levels Information
How to Lower High Cholsterol levels?


What is chlosterol?
How to lower high choesterol? And about stress linked to this disease?Cholsterol is a substance found in the human and animal body.This substance is linked to fear of coronary heart disease.

Many people don't know that this lipid may be bad or good.They think that only sick people have it into their blood.chlosterol levels image

That's not right.In fact choesterol is important for the human body.You need it to produce variety of hormones like sexual also help in the digestion of fats.

There are a variety of natural substance that can help lower the level of this substance.These are: 

  • Policosanol (from sugar cane):clinical studies have confirmed that it treats high levels.Policosanol significantly decreases total chlosterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) while increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Beta-sitosterol :inhibits its intestinal absorption by 50%.
  • Beta-sitosterol reduces blood levels of chlosterol.  
  • D-limonene: natural compound in orange peel oil.Helps to successfully dissolve cholesterol gallstones.Has the ability to reduce chlosterol.  
  • Guggul or Guggulipids:lowers high choesterol.  
  • Theaflavins:has the ability to lower the level of LDL and raise the level of HDL.  
  • Rice bran : reduce cholesterol absorption.It contains 21% fiber, 21% lipids, 13% amino acids, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals).  
  • Pumpkin seed oil:it increases its lowering effects of lowering drugs. It reduces the side effects of the drugs.  
  • Vitamin E:prevents oxidative damage to cell membranes and slow down atherosclerosis process.


  • These herbs and nutraceuticals above are found in a few chlosterol lowering formulas.These formulas are natural alternatives to statins,the drugs usually used to lower chlosterol.These are: 
  • Cholest-Natural,very effective formula.Results are guaranteed with this product.  
  • Retorol ,a well-balanced formula.