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 Cetylmyristoleate is an anti-inflammatory agent th at was discovered in 1962.  

It may be used to treat rheumatiod artritis, fibromyalgia, emphysema but for the 2 last diseases, there is a lack of scientific evidence. 


Its sources: 


Currently, it is found in bone marrow of cows, whales, beavers, and mice. It is available in lotions and creams for topical application. 


Cetylmyristoleate supplements are a highly purified, refined form in capsules and tablets. 


Scientists believe that it has the ability to improve immune system activity, reduce inflammation (rheumatiod artritis), lubricate joints and possibly to even help repair damaged joints. cetylmyristoleate image



Its Dosage: 


  •  400 to 500 mg daily for 30 days. 


  • Its Dosage Range: 10 to 15 grams per month for one to three months. 


  •  Cetylmyristoleate Most Common Dosage: 12 grams per month for one to three months. For best results, avoid consuming alcohol, or coffee while taking CMO. 


  •  Cetylmyristoleate Dosage Forms: Capsules and topical cream. The topical cream preparations usually use DMSO as a carrier agent. 


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  1.  Its Functions or Benefits: 


  1.  It has demonstrated improvements in patients with psoriatic, rheumatiod artritis and Osteoarthritis. 


  1.  It has been reported to be beneficial in other diseases, but there is a lack of scientific studies about this at this time. These diseases include Crohn's disease, lupus, prostate inflammation and psoriasis. 




  •  Its side effects and dangers: 


  •  This supplement is safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines. 


  •  Few people experience allergy reactions such as fast or irregular breathing, skin rash, hives or itching when taking this supplement. Avoid taking this supplement if you have these allergic reactions. 


  •  If you have trouble digesting fats, you may experience nausea or gas with this supplement. 


  •  Pregnancy/Breast-Feeding: 


Medical literature has not reported any adverse effects related to fetal development during pregnancy or to infants who are breast-fed. 


Drug/Nutrient Interactions and Cetylmyristoleate: 


  •  Methotrexate