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Broncitis Diseases reviews 


What is broncitis?  What do you have to know about it? Broncitis is a very common disease. 

When you are young, it’s easy for your body to resist to broncitis infections. 


But this disease will be a problem when you are older. Respiratory tract infections remain one of the major causes of death all over the world. 

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This is one of the most common lower respiratory tract infections with pneumonia and bronchiolitis. 


People used to be affected by acute or chronic broncitis during winter months. 


 Its Symptoms and Signs: 


  •  The main sign of this disease is a cough. 


  •  The cough may range in different levels of severity (mild to severe incessant coughing) 


  •  Infectious Sputum 


  •  For chronic broncitis, excessive amounts of sputum during the morning. 


  •  The color of the sputum ranges in color from white to yellow-green. 


Classification of this disorder: 


This classification helps determine the type of infection, the severity of the disease and the request treatment. And it is as follows: 


  •  Class 1: acute tracheobronchitis. 


  •  Class 2: chronic bronchitis. 


  •  Class 3: chronic broncitis with complications. 


  •  Class 4: Chronic bronchial infection. 


Treatment of broncitis: 


There are two levels in its treatment: Conventional Therapy and Nutritional supplements. 


  •  Evaluation of environmental and occupational history. 


  •  Elimination of exposure to noxious or irritating gasses. 


  •  Eliminate cigarette smoking. 


  • If the airflow is limited, it may be necessary to use a bronchiodilator such as an albuterol aerosol. 


  •  Antibiotics may also be used in its treatment. 


To fight these diseases, there are formulas that can help. Below is a list of vitamins, nutriceuticals, herbs that these formulas must contain: 


  •  Vitamin C: helps improve this ailment. Has antihistaminic activity due to its ability to metabolize and detoxify histamine. 


  •  Zinc: Because people with this disease have low zinc status, zinc supplementation has been proven to relieve this disease. 


  •  N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): Useful in the treatment of chronic broncitis. 


  •  Licorice: used as an expectorant and support the stress response and the inflammatory response. 


  •  Cordyceps: herb of choice in lung problems. General tonic for promoting longevity, vitality, and endurance. 


  •  Astragalus: promotes regeneration of cells in the bronchi after viral infection. Helps with oxygenation of the lungs, heart, and cerebrovascular tissue. 


  • Echinacea: has non-specific stimulatory effects on the immune system. Used generally in the treatment of colds and flu. Good effects on upper respiratory tract infections (URIs). 


Try to find formulas that contain all the ingredients listed above and even more. It’s a difficult exercise. One of the formulas we recommend because of its effectiveness against it is: 


  •  Airzene. 


Even if you suffer of acute or chronic broncitis, this formula can help. 


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