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How do you know you have brochitis?  What is it? Brochitis is one of the most common respiratory tract infections that remain the major cause of death from acute illness all over the world. 


Brochitis is linked to: 


  •  Age: the older you are, more respiratory problems you will have. 

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  •  Environment: the more polluants you have in your environment, more respiratory trouble you will have. 


  •  Cigarette smoking 


  •  Immune system 


  •  Temperature: the vast majority of this ailment occurs in the winter months. 


  •  May be viral or bacteria brochitis 


Statistics of this disorder: 


  •  It has been reported that approximately 18.2% per 10,000 of people in developed countries were admitted to hospitals for problems relating to this type of disease. 


  •  This rate is higher in poorer countries. 


Its signs and symptoms: 


 Cough is the most notable sign of this disorder. 


 People that are affected present also infectious sputum and expectorate excessive amounts of sputum in the morning. 


  •  Some patients expectorate throughout the day. 


  •  The color of the sputum is specific: ranges in color from white to yellow-green. 


Brochitis classification: 


This classification is related to the severity of the disease, helps in the diagnostic and its treatment. This is: 


  •  Class 1, acute tracheobrochitis. 


  •  Class 2, chronic symptom. 


  •  Class 3, chronic brochitis with complications. 


  •  Class 4, Chronic bronchial infection. 


Its Diagnosis: 


  • Your healthcare professional will first listen to the breathing to find any abnormalities. 


  •  Microscopic and laboratory assessment of sputum is request. 


Treatment of illness:  


Conventional therapy: 


  •  Environmental and occupational evaluation. 


  •  Avoid exposure to noxious or irritating gasses. 


  •  Stop cigarette smoking. 


  •  The use of antibiotics may be necessary under medical supervision. 


Alternative therapy to that ailment: 


Nutritional supplements have been proven to be a good alternative in its treatment of. Even if you use traditional measures to take care of the disease, it's a good idea to add specific formulas in the regimen. 


Below is a list of herbs and vitamins that have ability to help relieve it. Every formula you use must contain: 


  •  Vitamin C 
  •  Zinc 
  •  N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC 
  •  Licorice 
  •  Cordyceps 
  •  Astragalus 
  •  Echinacea  


Formulas like that are hard to find. Many contain only a few of these ingredients. The only one I recommend is: 


  •  Airzene . 


It contains all the ingredients and more. 


Even if you suffer of acute or chronic illness, this formula can help. 


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