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Are you tired of irritable bowel symptoms?  Are you suffering from diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, and heartburn more than once a month? 


Do you notice troubles in your bowel functions? 


If you answer yes to one of these questions, you certainly need this formula: Bowtrol


But you are not alone. Do you know that IBS affects more than 40millions of people in US? 

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Do you know that Irritable Bowel Syndrome can cause malnutrition and other important health trouble? 


If you have IBS, you know how disable this disease may be. When you suffer from this disease, you may be often unable or uncomfortable going to social events, work or travel even short distances. Nevertheless, bowtrol can facilitate with these disorders. 


What is IBS? 


It’s a functional condition not a psychosomatic disease. But it’s a real disease with real cause. Irritable bowel syndrome causes the muscles of the digestive organs to not function properly. And consequently, the digestive system does not work normally. 


Bowtrol will: 


  •  Calm your digestive tract 
  •  Protect the intestine's mucosa 
  •  Support nutritional balance 
  •  Stop the irradiation of the lining of the intestine 
  •  Enhance body detoxification 
  •  Help avoid hyper-contractions of the intestine’s smooth muscle 


How does Bowtrol work? 


Bowtrol: this formula contains a combination of Colon and Parasite Cleanser, Lactospore Probiotic and Colon control. Lactospore Probiotic plus Colon and Parasite Cleanser will relieve constipation. On the other hand, Lactospore Probiotic and Colon control will relieve diarrhea and related symptoms. 


Do you know what Lactospore Probiotic is? 


It’s a formula consisting of 9 billion lactospores which will colonize your small intestine to eliminate bacteria and parasites. It helps build a normal and healthy intestinal flora to restore the normal function of the digestive system. 


And about Colon and Parasite cleanser? 


It’s a combination used to cleanse, lubricate and moisten the intestinal tract and promote bowel movements. It helps in the treatment of constipation, intestinal toxicity, abdominal distension. 


Colon Control has the ability to control and restore comfortable and healthy bowel movements. 


Other Bowtrol info: 


You will get free bonus (real value information and program): 


  •  EbooK: How to Live with IBS to learn all the fundamental about IBS, foods to avoid, dietary planning 


  •  Lifetime Online Weight Loss Program Membership! 


They also offer a strong guarantee: Try the product during six months. If you are not satisfied, return the product after taking the doctor recommended six month cycle. 




2-8 capsules before bed. Start with 2 caps and gradually increase to the average dose: 6 capsules before bed. 


Side effects: 


  •  If you are pregnant or nursing, avoid taking this medication. 


  •  If you are under medical prescription, consult with your doctor before using this product.