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Bilberry Herb



What are bilberry health benefits?  And about Bilberry Vision Improvement? 

History: Bilberry herb has become one of the most popular herb on the market today.Bilberry plant is also known as an antioxidant. 


Bilberry health benefits exceed dangers of bilberry herb. 


Bilberry's vision improvement is well known. People use bilberry herb to improve their eye sight and support healthy vision . 


During world war 2, when soldiers ate bilberries, they reported an improvement of their nighttime vision and visual acuity. 

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Bilberry herb Indications 


  •  Vision Improvement and eye sight. 
  •  Aging 
  •  Hemmoroids 
  •  Macular degeneration 
  •  Ocular Health 


  •  Bilberry Herb Dosage: 80-375 mg daily in divided doses. 


Tea: One cup 2 times daily using 1 gm of herb. 


We suggest to buy from companies that follow GMP (Growth Manufacturing Practice) and present other benefits like low prices or low shipping cost. These are: 


  •  Vizu-All Plus which has been especially formulated to: 
  •  Promote healthy eye functioning 
  •  Counteract cell damage caused by free radicals 
  •  Strengthen blood capillaries in the eye 
  •  Help the retina adapt to both dark and light 
  •  Prevent macular degeneration and cataracts 
  •  prevent and treat glaucoma 


Bilberry health benefits or Functions: Bilberry is claimed to: 


  •  Help vision improvement and eye sight protection.By improving oxygenation of tissue,Bilberry vision can slow down radical damage to the eyes which has been found to be helpful to diabetics with eye sight problems and people who suffer from cataract and macular degeneration. 


  •  Support collagen in the tendons,ligaments and cartilage.Doing this, it decreases arthritis symptoms. 


  •  Have the potential for strengthening the capillaries and increasingblood flow which may be benefit to people atherosclerosis and varicoseveins(Hemorrhoids). 


  •  Show benefit (in laboratory) in helping control the LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. 


  •  Animal studies on Bilberry herb leaf extract has shown support for cancer,diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome. 


  •  Toxicity and side effects: This herb is considered safe when used in accordance with proper dosing guidelines. People with bleeding disorders must talk to their doctor before taking this medication. 


Drug and herb interactions: Because it affects the blood's clotting ability, it may alter the effects of these medications: 

  •  Anticoagulant medications 
  •  Ant platelet Medications 


Health conditions related: 


1) Aging 

2) Hemorrhoids 

3) Macular degeneration 

4) Ocular Health 


5) Pregnancy: until today, medical literature has reported any trouble related to fetal development during pregnancy or infant who are breast-fed.